Food And Drink Empties, August 2016

I mentioned in my lifestyle empties that I was thinking about going to just doing food empties as they come in, as individual reviews, rather than building them up to the end of the month. The amount of empties that I have for food and drink will tend to vary quite a lot each month […]

My Friends Are Amazing: Part Two

After getting my The Body Shop gifts from a friend on Thursday I was really overwhelmed. Then Friday morning another thing came in the post and I was again bewildered as it didn’t feel like any of the samples I might have ordered. Opening it up I found two lipsticks. The first a Chanel Rouge […]

Cadbury Swiss Gateau

When the dark has set in on a Friday night and you have no plans to go anywhere or do anything there is nothing better than tucking into a slice of Cadbury Swiss Gateau (chocolate cake). We wouldn’t even have the chocolate cake if it wasn’t down to my partners Nan popping by with a […]