Lush’s Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

The end of August seen me using up that last few 2016 Lush Christmas collection bath bombs and bubble bars but it also seen a couple of friends getting me a bath bomb trio for my birthday. It was such a surprise and they, forming the Cosmic gift set, all happened to be ones that […]

Superdrug’s Chocolate Orange Self-Heating Mask

After dealing with the disaster that was the black seaweed mask by Superdrug I will have to admit I was pretty sceptical about returning back into the drawer of masks to try another one. Whilst peel-off masks are often my favourite because of the satisfying feeling that removing it from your face gives there is […]

Lush Cosmetics Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

If something has a fruit oil in as one of the main notes then it is probably going to be a winner for me so when I spotted this had orange oil in I could not wait to give it a go. As if that was not enough it also has bergamot, an orange that […]

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Six

Orange is a colour I think of for summer fun and halloween but today my advent calendar decided to gift me with a rather shocking lipstick. Looking at it in the packaging I was a little terrified that there was no way I could ever pull a colour like this off. I feared it would […]

Carex Handwash

So these fun edition handwashes by Carex have been around for a while now but I love them for different seasons. We just finished off the bubblegum one and that was so sweet that it really fitted in for the Halloween and autumnal season. It being bright blue sort of put me off to begin […]

Avon’s Apricot Mystery Lipstick

Not sure on why I’m chatting about an old, and in this case limited edition, lipstick? You need to check out here. Avon’s Apricot Mystery Lipstick Why is that so often the colour of the stick isn’t what appears on our lips or on our skin when we do a swatch? The name of this […]