Naked Noodle Pots

Multiple pots of naked noodles

When it comes to lunch, I am terribly lazy and claim to be too busy to stop and eat something. To some extent the statement is true and especially as everybody else flocks out of their offices around the same time to queue at the microwave and get all the condiments in sight and reheating […]

The Crown, Croydon

Recently my partner’s parents came round and suggested we go to The Crown in Shirley for some food. As somewhere they used to go as they were growing up and living locally they wanted to see what it was like and they had visited other pubs of the Ember Inn brand that now own it. […]

The King Of Wessex, Bath

After our recent trip in the South West and leaving Frome we had some time to kill and headed back to Bath as that was where the coach would be departing from. There are many places to go to in Bath to walk around and admire but my back was still in agony from the […]