Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Twenty Five

Merry Christmas! I hope that whatever you are doing today is enjoyable and smiles are raised onto the faces of you and whoever you are spending time with. Meanwhile Makeup Revolution gifted me with an eyeshadow palette of colour and shimmery delights. It includes a few mattes and I think the shimmery shades may well […]

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Twenty Four

Another day means another lipstick and today not only does the packaging look red but so does the swatch! With Christmas literally just around the corner now a bright red lip is the perfect thing to pull out of an advent calendar (rather than a bright orange one). It’s interesting how red lips always make […]

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Twenty Three

With my love for lip products the last few days of this advent calendar are a real treat and exciting to open. Today and tomorrow both show themselves to be lipstick shaped windows and with the variety of shades provided already I had no idea what to expect. Luckily, from my point of view, the […]

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Twenty Two

A red lip screams Christmas and the festive period but they are so hard to maintain if the lip product isn’t of fantastic quality. Especially when it’s a lipgloss and you quickly try to apply it there is always a risk of it going everywhere on your face. And looking at this lipgloss in the […]

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Twenty One

If you’re under the spotlight all you want to do is shine and wow everybody and the item in the advent calendar today really makes that possible. With the warmest and most glowing sparkle this highlighter in Golden Lights really has the potential to not just be a Christmas hit but throughout the year. It […]

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Twenty

I actually love lip products. They are the first things that I ever bought for myself properly and are the things that I always end up browsing at online or instore. So when I spotted that today was a lipstick shaped door in the calendar I was super excited. That excitement wasn’t premature as I […]

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Nineteen

Christmas time is fast approaching and everybody is pulling out that extra bit of sparkle and cheer. And that applies to this advent calendar as well. Normally most people might be a little bummed to get a product they already own but today I am not. For today is the eyeshadow in a Mountain of […]

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Eighteen

I think the item in the advent calendar today has caused the inner magpie in me to come out. It presented me with a nail bottle shaped door and I was curious as to see what one I would end up with today and if it would be more winter suitable or yet another polish […]

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Seventeen

Ow man. This advent calendar is killing me. I keep watching various vlogs on Youtube or checking out other peoples blogs and they get things that they like or are excited about every single day. Then there is me that believes mine is moving on from a rough patch and going to keep going onwards […]

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar: Day Sixteen

It’s another blush in the advent calendar today and as we got the bright pink one out of the way already I was pretty excited to see how the colour would swatch and look on my skin. The shade, Now, looks very warm toned in the pan but I wasn’t sure how much that would […]