A Night In Cardiff, Holiday Inn City Centre

I love to travel and especially around the UK. There are so many places to go and things to discover that you can end up almost anywhere and have a good time. But this weekend my partner and I had a reason to leave gloomy grey surroundings of London, hop on a coach and travel […]

Product Empties: February 2016

Another month means more products have come and gone in my life. As I am trying to save money and not buy anything unless I truly really need it a lot more things are heading out rather than in. Whilst I am not specifically doing project pans and use it ups I am trying to […]

Product Empties: December 2015

Another month ending means it’s time for another list of empties and my thoughts on them. With being away from most of my things for the last part of December the amount of empties I used up slowed but the list is still quite incredibly long. Sleeptherapy Pillow Mist I mentioned a couple of months […]

Product Empties: November 2015

Welcome back to another one of my product empties and review posts. As mentioned last month I’m on a mission to use a few older products up but this month there are a few things that I really like to use coming to an end too. If I’ve already given something a review I’ll just […]

What happened when I got stuck?

So guys you know how we all tend to hate on Monday? How we’re stuck in an office or university or wherever it happens to be? Well on Monday 19th October I got stuck in a much more annoying location: the bathroom. But how did I end up getting stuck in there at all? Well […]

The Bathbomb Love

I remember when I was in my early teens that I used to get all sorts of cute little bathbombs as gifts. Having a bath was a pretty rare thing for me then and I’d just hop in the shower at pace most of the time. I once had these little love heart bathbombs that […]

Radox Bubble Bath

I’m an absolute sucker for having a nice hot bubble bath in the evening, especially with the weather starting to turn so cold and dark. But because I have a bath so frequently I am always a little reluctant to go for any of the more luxurious or expensive bubble baths. Though on reflection I […]

Shower Scents

After posting yesterday about my current shampoo and conditioner fix I thought I would take a closer lool at a couple of Imperial Leather‘s new shower gels and creams. Having a shower or a bath is a great way for me to relax my mind, think things through and plan for the next day or […]