Old English Company Haul*

You've got this keyring

Not long before my surgery, I was offered the opportunity to receive some products from the Old English Company*. Naturally I was very keen to accept as the entire website was full of so many delightful home and lifestyle pieces that would fit with the look I wanted to achieve around the flat. Due to […]

Candle Haul

There is something lovely about having candles around the place especially when they look more than just a normal candle or have good packaging to go with them. I recently made two orders from fairly small UK candle companies and when they turned up I was just as happy to have them around as I […]

Attempting Accuracy (Health and Fitness)

I used to do archery. Back then I was all about accuracy. From hitting the target to getting the best score and as time went on trying to not be so accurate to keep splitting my arrows by putting another one straight down the middle. Seriously it sounds good but it was possibly the most […]

Carex Handwash

So these fun edition handwashes by Carex have been around for a while now but I love them for different seasons. We just finished off the bubblegum one and that was so sweet that it really fitted in for the Halloween and autumnal season. It being bright blue sort of put me off to begin […]

This Material Culture Challenge

Recently This Material Culture contacted me on twitter and said they would love for me to get involved in a competition they have going on. I’ve browsed their website several times in the past and always fallen in love with so many pieces. They are based in Liverpool and do bangles, necklaces, earrings and rings […]

Sleeptherapy Pillow Spray and Restful Night Balm

As somebody that can seriously struggle to sleep on a regular basis, I love giving new methods and products a try. From sprays and scents to certain bubble baths and stepping away from screens I feel like I’ve tried it all. The simple reality is I struggle to relax and unwind my mind when it […]

Candle Love

There’s something unbelievably calming about just sitting and watch a candle melt away as the wick flickers around at every slight movement or breeze. As for the scented ones they are often divine as they help to fill the air with a fresh, soft, gentle and friendly aroma that helps to soothe the brain and […]