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Cooking Up A Treat is run by me, Danielle Lowe, a 23 year old journalism university drop out (twice in fact because of mental health) and now full time office manager.

I grew up in Yorkshire (Wakefield and Leeds) and have resided in London since I was 18, now more specifically for three years in Croydon, and venture out and about to find good food, interesting bargains and a wonderful day out whenever the chance arises.

Sometimes my ability to get involved in activities is limited by my heart condition Marfan Syndrome and whilst I am PR friendly I will need to politely decline a paintball experience or being part of a paragliding charity event.

Will often refer to my previous mental health struggles in my posts and also discuss things in a political context, in clearly labelled and titled blog posts, if it is relevant and will provide useful information and thinking points for those coming to my blog.

My main interests are food (and drink of course), culture especially when it relates to social history or has social impact, board games (and no I don’t just mean monopoly I mean Twilight Struggle, Sub Terra and Ticket to Ride) and beauty.

Any questions please do get in touch through one of the outlets below:

Twitter: @Danniilowe

Instagram: @Danniilowe

Email: thelifestylelowedown@gmail.com

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