Woodland Walk

A couple of days ago, I went on a little adventure with one of my best friends. We took a mini explore around the woodland trail part of Historic Bethabara Park and gave the mosquitoes something to feed on in the 90°f+ heat.

There is something about the US and how it views surburbia and how green spaces are treated that confuses me a lot (my next post in a few days/probably about a week reflects this) and I was getting a pretty huge craving to just get into some truly natural green space. So I asked and off we went on a mini adventure.

Not only was it honestly so refreshing for my soul and brain to just reset itself and feel like it was out and about in my comfort place, it was also clear that I haven’t walked/exercised for quite a while because oof going back uphill was not the one!

But I did discover about these little millipedes that are commonly called cyanide millipedes because, you guessed it, they give off cyanide when they feel threatened. High enough levels to give you a rash, make your pooch sick or outright kill something like a shrew that might attempt to eat one for a meal. Reminder that black and yellow creatures usually mean dangerous!

If you are in any doubt about how excited I was to be out in the fresh air of the woods once more then a photo of a pinecone hanging onto a tiny little branch and another one with a hidden frog in it, should pretty much give you an idea. How do pinecones hang on to such a little branch? We seen so many like this during our walk. In many ways it reminded me of ourselves and when we are at the most fragile we still manage to hang onto ourselves somehow.

It felt like a magical little getaway where it was just us, nature and all our new mosquito friends. We seen one person dash off ahead of us, perhaps a lucky local that can just frolic through the woods for thirty minutes, and another couple at the parking lot but other than that we didn’t spot anybody which given the number of trails available isn’t surprising.

It was just a super lovely little trip out and made me so happy and calm. Nature and greenery always does something for me, it’s one of the places that really just resets me. Where’s your happy place? In woods, fields, the beach, by the lake, mountains or somewhere else?

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