Daily Goal Setter*

In the last couple of months I have felt a bit lost. Not in a downward spiral of a mood sort of way but more just in a monotonous life routine of waking up, trudging to work and then returning home to eat and sleep again. A self-inflicted routine where I pushed things like blogging, walks and all the other things I enjoy aside. Getting gifted a daily goal setter planner by Mål Paper has really helped me to refocus my wants and goals for today and also in years to come.

I love lists. I currently have a note saved on my phone that is a list of lists that I need to create. Putting things down onto paper, ordering priority and fixing it into my mind really helps me to stay focused and appreciate what is and isn’t essential on a given day. Therefore, I got fairly excited when I was offered the chance to give the daily goal setter a go.

Of course, I chose a nice muted pink that has gold embossed writing on the cover. It would be amazing if they offered a monogramming service for either the front or the spine of the cover as this would make it feel even more special and look extra delightful. The quality of the paper inside is wonderful too and I am able to write using a fine point sharpie and the ink not be visible on the other side (and being able to write in big bold colours really helps motivate me to stay on track). But the design feature that excites me most is that it has not one but two ribbons for marking your location which given the planner has two distinct sections is logical but still welcome for making the usability of the product that bit more enjoyable and less clunky.

The front of the planner gives you a handy little guide and recommendations as to how to go about creating your lists, focusing your mind on tasks and being able to reflect on each day. From reading these pages it quickly becomes apparent that this is aiming to be more than a simple plan your life piece and instead be incorporated into a general life wellness routine of affirmations and joy.

With a section for long-term, medium-term and short-term goals you are able to jot down things in a way that allows for you to quickly flick to them at the start of each month to plan what you can do to work towards those goals. From there you have monthly, weekly and daily breakdowns of what tasks you have to do and it encourages you to follow a structure that identifies importance on these tasks rather than just writing everything down in a way that gives it the same priority; something that many of us fall into the habit of when we think of things we need to get done as we fixate on it rather than considering that some items have a little flexibility.

The daily breakdown pages also feature sections of things to be grateful for, daily affirmations, great things that happened on the day and a little scale for you to rate how your day actually went. If there was a short one or two lines for a note underneath this that would make the page layout completely perfect. For people used to using lists, like myself, purely for what needs to be done in a way these additional details of things to fill out prove quite a challenge to begin with but once they are part of the routine it is easy and enjoyable to do and allows for a moment an additional focus on wider life.

If you use the planner everyday you get about six months of daily planning from it but because the pages are undated you can use it as much or as little as you like. For me I am likely to use it on weekends and days off from work as whilst there are things that need doing around the working routine there is not usually enough to justify writing it down in a list and it is rarely that urgent that it cannot wait until the weekend anyway. Perhaps those that have a more hectic office life or work from home would find this a useful addition to their workplace.

This is a really great planner, coming in at approximately £20, and I am looking forward to using it more and more over the next few months and especially as I refocus my mind and life to what is really important to me (more on that soon).

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