What I Eat In A Day #4

1st May 2019


Hunger hadn’t struck at this point, I haven’t really felt hungry these last few days and when I do eat I’m finding myself full up super quickly, so I kept it incredibly basic with a satsuma.


Yesterday we nipped into town and went into the Sainsbury’s where we were lucky enough to be able to snag a few things on discount. We meant to have the garlic pizza bread with dinner last night but ended up forgetting so lucky me devoured it for lunch and throughout the afternoon. Once upon a time I could have eaten it all in one go but I had to space it throughout lunch and afternoon snack time.

Cheese garlic bread


My partner ended up having food out so I treated myself to Chinese for dinner. I got one of the deals that meant that there would be plenty left over and the value of them just makes so much more sense than getting a single dish with a side of rice etc. It was yummy, even if it did takes ages to turn up. I had taken some fishcakes out of the freezer for us to have those with some pitta and salad but as I was going to be eating alone it seemed silly to go ahead with that and instead that’s food for 2nd May sorted!


As if I hadn’t already consumed enough calories for one day, my partner then came home with some Dairy Milk fruit and nut which I quickly had my share of before snuggling into my duvet and trying not to fall asleep at some super early time.

Thoughts and Feelings

I’ve struggled these last couple of days but things seem to be plateauing back out a bit now. The period from hell is over HOORAY but that means I can no longer blame that on being incredibly tired and lacking in energy. This whole shift in hormones is wild.

Bailed on going to the gym this morning and instead had a soak in the bath before tackling some chores (whilst watching a range of Netflix and YouTube of course) and treating myself to a face mask and doing my nails. Whilst doing all that I thought I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye and proceeded to turn the place upside down on the hunt for this ‘glimpsed’ rodent. I couldn’t locate anything or any sign (noise, droppings etc) of one. Basically it turns out I am going crazy.

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