What I Eat In A Day #3

27th April 2019


Leftover popcorn from the night before totally constitutes as an acceptable breakfast on a Saturday morning right? Good because alongside some slightly tart blackberries that is exactly what I had.

Blackberries up close


I made the most of the cheese I purchased yesterday and had cheese on toast.


There is a trend to my day here because I had pepperoni oven cooked pizza. I needed the carbs though. I had it whilst I was doing my makeup so it was quick to cook and easy to eat.


I finished off those strawberry laces from a couple of days ago during the course of the day.

This isn’t exactly a snack but at 4am I had a lovely chicken sandwich and fries from McDonald’s. My diet coke made it home with me and into the fridge.

Thoughts and Feelings

Another restless night of horrific nightmares and a painful stomach didn’t exactly put me in an enthusiastic mood for the day. Generally the pain subsided throughout the day though and I’ve just been able to chill out.

My body still felt good and a little alive after the gym yesterday which really gave me a little boost for going forward and getting back into the gym more regularly. Hopefully it will help me to battle the temporary decrease in thyroid hormones that impact in metabolism by allowing me to maintain my weight if nothing else.

Went on a really good night out that wasn’t particularly planned and I bloody well needed it. I loved my makeup, the company and the pub too. It felt good to have some sort of normal in my life. Got home at 04:15 which is always the sign of a good night!

My makeup for a night out

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