What I Eat In A Day #2

26th April 2019


I was really feeling like having anything to eat but appreciate the importance of keeping energy levels up and sticking to a routine so settled for two slices of Warburtons Toastie bread with Flora light lovingly spread across it.


The snack section explains it. Having said that I did make myself a cup of Whittard’s Toffee Apple tea and it warmed my tummy and eased some of my pains. It’s such a lovely tea, it’s on my list to repurchase sometime soon.


My partner cooked dinner again today. Hooray. Tomato vegetable pasta with bacon. I did get cheese to have with it but we didn’t have any of it. Perfect after going to the gym.

To go with dinner


First it was just one fizzy strawberry lance and then it was five. By the end of the day it was 16. Most of them were consumed in the name of ‘lunch’ though.

An Oreo doughnut. One of those pre-packaged in the supermarket type. Still it wasn’t too bad. It did get me thinking about some of the amazing doughnuts I’ve had in the past though.

Some sweet and salty Tesco popcorn. Post gym I wanted to get something and instead of crisps went for something a little healthier per portion size!

Snack of strawberry lances

Thoughts and Feelings

I had a terrible nights sleep that included the sort of nightmare that wakes you up. Once awake my period cramps returned immediately and kept me awake for a while. One of the things I’ve discovered in doing research is that my lack of periods for nearly a year were almost certainly connected to my thyroid and now my current remaining half isn’t quite there with enough of the hormones and is resulting in the worst period of my life. It’s also likely to blame for the ongoing night sweats which I had the joy of last night too; if the medication to come in the future stops me drenching the sheets that would be fantastic. The issue with being awake is it gives you time to think and as you think you slowly go off the idea of things like breakfast.

I’ve felt a bit out of sorts and ill one way or the other for a few weeks so hadn’t made it to the gym. That combined with my right thyroid lobectomy and it being Easter I maybe hadn’t gone for a month. Despite feeling ouchy I pulled on my gym gear, walked there, did 60 minutes of actual exercise and walked back again. I took it slow and steady but it felt good to be back at it again. I need to do something to offset all the sweet treats I eat!

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