What I Eat In A Day #1

My life is changing. Most of it is for the better. I want to document my days but in keeping with the blog and my love of food I thought doing What I Eat In A Day posts could work quite well; including recipes or quick how to guides when suitable. Reviews, on the odd chance I go somewhere that I go somewhere exciting, will still be kept separate and then just linked in to these posts.

A job promotion in a different hospital means more money and more of a chance to have a positive impact on patients lives as they go through some of what could be the most scary moments of their life. It also means I need to be more on the ball with my breakfast, lunch and snack choices as it’s a longer commute and I’d really like to be able to save some money by taking things with me rather than succumbing to the canteen everyday.

But amongst all that joy and excitement, combined with seeing family and friends to go on unexpected adventures, is a harsh reality. I’ve been quiet over on the blog for a while and there has been a reason. As well as death in the family I have had to deal with my health.

In August 2018 I had a CT scan which showed an incidental finding of thyroid nodules. In December 2018 I finally chased to asked if I would be getting an appointment to investigate this (a rarity given how people usually comment on my irresponsible approach to my wellbeing). On the 27th February I had my first thyroid FNA (fine needle aspiration) which proved inconclusive. On 27th March I had another which returned with Th3f meaning it could have follicular malignancy but they still can’t really tell. On the 15th April I had my right thyroid removed and sent for further testing. On the 24th April I was told that the nodules which took up a huge amount of the half of my thyroid were indeed cancerous and I would need to have the other half of my thyroid removed, go through radioactive iodine treatment and then take synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of my life.

In honesty this blog series is as much about keeping me sane as it is about talking about some tasty, and probably very standard and mundane, foods. I’m hoping it will grow into something exciting and also bring my love of experimental cooking and baking back out.

That’s enough of a rambling introduction though…

25th April 2019


Two slices of white toast with margarine and co-op blackcurrant jam – e.g comfort food breakfast that is in no way healthy for you but ow so delicious. You know its serious when I buy a loaf of Warburtons Toastie bread!

Jam on toast for breakfast
Mid-morning Snack

A large handful of green grapes. I’ve had some pretty hit and miss grapes recently but these ones are crunchy on the outside, burst full of juice and actually have plenty of flavour to them too.

Bunch of green grapes


A nap. Seriously my body decided 12:30 – 14:30 was perfect napping time.

So at 15:00 I sat down to a lovely bowl of co-op minestrone soup. Comforting and full of some sort of goodness!

More grapes. Ill people eat grapes and oranges right?

Minestrone soup in a duck egg blue bowl
Afternoon Snack

Twelve strawberry laces. Because apparently six is a portion size but given I’m not the size of your average five year old I was obviously never going to listen to those rules and the minute you have seven you might as well just go all the way up to twelve.


My partner cooked a very filling and tasty vegetable curry with white rice and a samosa. It was a bit of an unusual combination of vegetables but it hit the spot of comforting heat in the belly.

Vegetable and potato curry on a bed of rice in a large bowl


Chocolate cheesecake slice, again from the co-op (I promise we shop in less expensive places as well!), which had a super chunky biscuit base and was ever so delicious. A real nice treat and helped to give me a little evening pick me up.

I thought the cheesecake was the end of my day but a 42g pack of Galaxy Minstrels also landed in my tummy.

Chocolate cheesecake slice
Thoughts and Feelings

I shared with my parents, family and friends the news today. It proved to be incredibly draining. I told a few people yesterday and found it a relief to get it off my chest but today it felt much more like I was having to admit the truth to myself. Honestly, even with the fairly upbeat attitude I am managing to apply to everything, it got to me and left me feeling a little daunted by everything.

In hindsight the 3/4 bottle of white wine last night probably wasn’t the greatest of ideas but it was bloody well needed last night to just sit there and wallow for a few minutes before getting a bit giggly and tipsy whilst singing away to some music (sorry neighbours I kept all my voice nerves in strong health after my first surgery!).

Decided to avoid going to a meeting tonight where people that would have seen my updates might be in attendance. They probably wouldn’t come up to me and try to discuss it but I just simply couldn’t take the risk and didn’t particularly want to face anybody. I’m going to the gym tomorrow where I’ll catch up with a friend and that’s much more the level of socialising I’m wanting right now.

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