Acrylic Nails

I always loved the idea of getting my nails done but never really got around to it. I remember getting them done once when I was 20 and was not at all keen on the person that did them, their approach or the results so it sort of put me off for a while. That and for a while the idea of spending money on something like nails seemed like nothing but a dream world.

But of course things changed and suddenly I had spare income and the desire to treat myself in a way that gave me a bit of a boost. Honestly though I got a little bored of it and I know my nails certainly didn’t thank me for getting these bits of plastic stuck on. After three rounds I decided to say goodbye to them and give my nails a bit of break. Several weeks later I can still see the ridge that they created on my nail growing up and a shiny healthy nail reappearing from the cuticle upwards.

Don’t get me wrong I loved them and I think that people that wear them look brilliant but for me the need to maintain them and the damage that they were doing to my natural nails underneath just wasn’t worth it. I have polishes in abundance in my dressing table drawers which deserve to be loved and applied and whilst they chip in 0.2 seconds at least they don’t leave my nails weak and missing shine after removal.

And it wasn’t just what they did to my nail health that put me off but ultimately the joy that they brought to me compared to the amount of money I spent just didn’t tally up for me. Sure the red acrylics made me feel like a total badass and especially when I walked into a job interview with them on and landed the gig shortly afterwards but did they really make me feel any better than when I look after my natural nails, help them to grow and give them a fresh lick of paint? Only the smallest of amounts.

Acrylic nails, it was nice knowing you and I’m sure we might meet again for a special occasion, for now it’s goodbye.

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