Milk Train, Covent Garden

Hungover. Tired. Cold. I woke on Saturday initially feeling worse for wear but after a good glug of water and a teeth brush I felt fresh as a daisy. Good job too because we had plans to go to London to continue a friends birthday celebrations by visiting Milk Train.

I’m a sucker for dairy. Probably shouldn’t be as it isn’t any good for the waistline or the world but here I am anyway. So give me the chance to load a cone with soft ice cream, load it with toppings and give it a little candy floss cloud around it and you know I’m going to jump at it.

rocky road train special

I’ve wanted to mix salted pretzels with sweet for ages but my partner kept giving me funny looks every time I suggested it, mainly for the Superbowl the other weekend, so when I spotted that the Rocky Road Train special included chocolate ice cream and pretzels my mind was made it. It also came with a caramel sauce, marshmallows, oreos and a rolled wafer. Naturally I got the added extra of the candy floss cloud as well. Another friend got the Unicone special whilst the birthday girl got cookies and cream dream (which I failed to capture on camera because I am a clown).

The ice cream was swirly soft serve and went all the way down to the bottom of the cone making it a decent quantity of ice cream. I would say that it started to melt fairly quickly so, whilst this seems like a perfect summer treat, it might involve some serious quick gulping on a hotter day for it to not end up everywhere but in your tummy. It came with a good amount of toppings, the cone didn’t go soggy but managed to maintain structure throughout eating and the candy floss was sweet but not as much as some can be.

It’s certainly something I am likely to only do once but it felt like a lovely special experience. There was a queue on arrival but they only seemed to have three members of staff constantly on the go to fulfil all the orders. My only bug was that two of the three staff had their long hair down and that did put me on edge a little because that stuff could easily have ended up whipped into the ice cream or candy floss (luckily no such incident happened!). The interior was very white and artificially bright but they did a great job of making it look like a train station waiting area that has only just been opened and not yet covered in graffiti.

For a special flavour and the candy floss cloud it was £7. You could get a cone with a flavour of ice cream for £4 then with toppings at 50p each and the candy floss ring at £1 so it depends on your personal preferences. Ow and if you hate cones then they do pots of ice cream and shakes with the candy floss cloud too. Ow! They do dairy free as well! For the next couple of days they have some Chinese New Year special flavours available as well that sounded super delicious. It’s no more expensive than a lot of desserts on a London restaurant menu and this will certainly give you a sweet treat fix, a fully belly and something super cute for the ‘gram.

Would recommend for the taste, appearance and novelty!

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