Goodbye 2018 Project Pan

Goodbye 2018. Goodbye clutter. Out with the old and in with the new yadda yadda.

Literally. The flat is filled with boxes. It’s time to face a new adventure and move into a bigger place. And with that I need to say goodbye to my small collection of empties that were sitting gathering dust.

I’ve not really done a huge amount of makeup in the last few months though there are aims in 2019 to get back on the tackling my brows and whacking on some mascara bandwagon. Even doing my nails has sort of fallen by the wayside.

A lot of baths have happened though. We are talking to the point where for a while I had to use some shower gel as bubble bath (my stock of which is now replenished)! It’s pretty much all I’ve had the energy for after a day at work and especially in the last couple of weeks where my weekends have involved packing aches and pains too.

I do have some product aims for 2019 and hope to share that soon inside a post that talks about my general aims for the year. A new home almost certainly means no internet for a while but that also means less distractions so I can get the posts written, the photos taken and use a close eye to check it all looks okay via my phone app before publishing via a desktop at work in my lunch break (cheeky!).

Empty bottles of nail varnish, makeup and bath products for a final 2018 product empties round up.

My product empties seem to show one thing; if it stops me being stinky and helps make my bath that little bit nicer then I’m interested but anything else is fairly mreh.

I went to use the mascara and after having it on for the day realised that the drying out I spotted on application in the morning was a bit of a sign that it was beyond its best. It’s a similar story for some of the nail varnish where the texture changed either as a result of so much being gone from the bottle or it just not getting used for a number of years.

The eyebrow pencil by Model Co, that I got in the 2017 Look Fantastic advent calendar, was something that I used up to the very end. This pencil had a smooth application and the universal shade actually worked for me because of the light brunette shade of my brows. It was easy to apply lightly or with a fairly hefty amount but it never ended up allowing for me to go overboard which is a real lifesaver! It was a lot better than some of the really cheap high street brand ones that I have received and it is something I would consider buying again if I wanted that type of brow product (currently feeling liquid ink style ones a bit more though).

Finishing another perfume in 2018 was something I’m calling a small miracle as at points this Hugo Boss For Her scent just seemed to hit a bit of a standstill and no matter how much I used it there felt like the product amount stayed the same. That’s not a bad thing with this perfume as the scent was one that I enjoyed and it managed to linger on the skin for a good couple of hours which is more than a lot of my mid-price range perfumes can manage. It was a fairly gentle fruity scent rather than teenage girl fruity and it made it really wearable for everyday at work and kept me feeling sophisticated (ha).

Ow and Wilko Fruits bath soak is still my favourite and I made the most of an order of towels and other bathroom bits to get a few bottles of them delivered to me recently. The Mermazing one by Imperial Leather wasn’t too bad but not wholly my jam.

Finally, I want to chat about the I Love Juicy shampoo by Lush. It worked well, had a lovely aroma that lingered in the hair afterwards and felt nourishing but for the price it didn’t win over The Body Shop banana products which are very frequently half price to allow for purchasing of both the shampoo and the conditioner for the same price as one of these bottles. If The Body Shop were to disappear then I would give this or other Lush shampoos a try however.

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