Lyons Coffee Bags*

Cafetieres are beautiful to look at, therapeutic to put into action and produce great flavoured coffee but sometimes we just don’t have the time to get involved with one; the time it takes to prepare, to empty and clean up afterwards can take away some of the joy especially if you’re rushing around in the middle of the day or in a cramped makeshift kitchen in the office. Or we have dreams of one of those fancy coffee machines that equally take a lot of time to clean up but at least elevate the kitchen to another level but for most people finding worktop room for such an item is something that will remain a dream for many years to come. Unless it’s a day off I can think of so many other ways to spend my time than scooping wet coffee from a cafetiere or coffee machine into a food waste box for composting (a cafetiere cuppa on a Sunday morning is a real treat).

Then there are those amongst us that want a good brew but don’t want to take a diversion to the nearest coffee shop, to carry around a travel mug or to hand over several of our hard earned pounds a day. Everywhere we look there are people rushing around trying to find a perfect cup of coffee to get their day going because the freeze-dried office granules have gone all lumpy from somebody with poor wet spoon etiquette. Without a fancy coffee machine that is well maintained, somebody that has the job to just use the cafetiere all day or free coffee from a local cafe on tap then there was little choice to hand over those pounds for that much needed caffeine boost or simply go without.

On the go coffee bags

Lyons coffee have finally provided us with a much needed solution that allows us to make a cuppa as quickly as we could with the freeze-dried stuff, with as little mess as the frozen stuff but with all the flavour and freshness as a freshly ground brew. At last you can get freshly ground coffee in an oversized teabag, dunk it for a couple of minutes, add your extra syrups or milk and sugar and be on your way without any of the mess or having to step out into the cold rain to search down a coffee.

And not only do they provide a convenient and no mess solution they also allow you to get that freshly ground coffee aroma and whack of flavour without draining your bank balance as a box of 18 bags comes in at £2.60 (that’s basically the cost of your Monday drink alone). It’s an absolutely fantastic concept and I’m pleased to see them at a range of supermarkets including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose as well as Amazon (to bulk buy) as it allows for quick purchasing as part of the weekly shop or with a few quick clicks if you have a few other items that you need to purchase as well (but I always recommend buying direct from the company when possible).

I’m currently loving the No3 blend which is rich and full bodied, providing a smoothness of texture and gentle flavour that builds in the mouth over time. There’s absolutely no bitterness to it either so I don’t find myself needing to lean towards the milk or sugar to balance it out. It’s perfect just as it is. They also do a couple of other blends that are gentler on the flavour and pack more of a punch to ensure that whatever your coffee preferences are, whether they stay the same all day or you start strong and then go milder, there is something available for you. In fact, this coffee is pretty much the reason that I drink coffee at all right now as nothing else has quite managed to live up to it.

These are really delightful little bags of joy that have enhanced my love of coffee. Are you a lover of coffee? Do you tend to add milk or sugar to yours? I’d love to find out in the comments below.

*Whilst these products were sent to me to try out and with the hope of my sharing my thoughts all views and words are completely my own.

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