Products I Want To Use Up In 2018 #7

As my mental approach to a lot of things, such as food and happiness, has changed over the last couple of months I have found myself thinking differently about using products up. It wasn’t an intentional transition in thought process but on sitting down to share my empties with you I realised that a change had occurred.

In reality the change in attitude probably isn’t as big as I am imagining it to be in my head but all these changes add up to feeling like a completely different person. For a while I felt a huge amount of guilt for having so many products and backups of certain items and just wanted to absolutely rid my drawers and cupboards of it all but, apart from the very odd item going in a declutter, I wanted to make sure I used all the products up and never let my collection get so out of hand again. Quick disclaimer: I am not wanting to suddenly have a collection of products.

Like my change in thoughts with food, I really want to make sure that I cherish each item and appreciate the purpose of using it. I want to soak up the smell of the product, find the perfect amount of product to use rather than getting a splob and hoping for the best and to take a second to acknowledge the impact of it on my body. I found that I was getting into the habit of using products up but just using them without taking any sort of thought or consideration and that lack of care for a product felt, even though I was using the product up, like a huge waste because I was missing the experience that I had bought into in the first place.

Beauty product empties flatlay

I’d usually just talk about a handful of the items that have come to an end since my last post but I’ve not exactly done a lot of dousing myself in body lotions and such recently, plus a lot of products are on the fuller side, so the stack of empties is really rather sad. I think the lack of use of product is certainly linked to spending quite some time away from the flat over the last couple of months and only taking minimum products with me when I was on the go.

  • Avon forest green nail varnish. This is a product that I could no longer enjoy, despite liking how the shade looks on my nails. I probably shouldn’t admit this but this bottle of polish is probably about 8 years old and as a result it just doesn’t have quite the same qualities that it did before and within an hour of me applying a couple of layers of this, which held up colour wise well, it was chipping due to the thin consistency of it.
  • Rimmel French manicure nail varnish. I remember getting this product for subscribing to a teen magazine when I still lived back home. In fact not just when I still lived at home but I remember my dad being the one to deal with the subscription people at one point so we’re talking this is even older than the Avon polish. *gulp*. It’s not something I ever really leaned towards much but I picked it up the other day and whilst the consistency of the product is perfectly okay the colour of the product against my skin and on my own tone of nails just did not look good at all. It has quite a peachy tone and that just doesn’t personally work for me so it’s time to call this one quits and take it out of my collection.
  • Wilko rhubarb and vanilla bath foam. Back at the start of August I mentioned how bath bombs and me were no longer the best of friends and this super cheap bath foam is one of the reasons why. The scent throw of all these products and the way that they foam up is absolutely amazing and really works for me and where I am at right now. I have one of these individual bottles left and then I’ll have nothing left in the supply and need to get on a bus to Bromley to top up on these delights (and if you know me you’ll know I love a Wilko shopping trip).
  • The Body Shop pink grapefruit body butter. I’m not that big a fan of this particular scent of the body butters and that did certainly play a role in how long it took me to work through this tub. I could have finished it at least a month ago if I could pull myself to use it on an almost daily basis but with the scent it just wasn’t possible. This is certainly a note to self to only get the big tubs of the stuff if it’s in a scent that I already know I enjoy having on my skin. There’s still what feels like a never-ending supply of body butter in my drawer of spares so it looks like I’ll be all set to not need to worry about stocking up on any until, at the very earliest, the January sales.
  • Makeup Revolution setting spray. I do need a setting spray in my life but this is not the one I want to reach for in the future. The sprayer was just a little too harsh and after it reached the halfway point it became increasingly random in terms of how much product was dispersed onto each bit of the face. It had a really strong chemical smell as well and certainly did nothing for the dry patches on my skin. This was super cheap and I bought it at a point when I needed a setting spray but couldn’t really afford one but it did last a long time, though given I don’t apply makeup that often that means very little, and for that I was impressed. I’ve got a different high street brand setting spray ready to go that they sent me back last year to review and then once that’s used up I’ll certainly be looking to invest in one that is of better quality.

There are some products on the horizon of coming to an end. A lip balm, especially with the weather changing, that has lasted a good part of the year is finally reaching the stage of the end being in sight. There’s a small bottle of body spray and one of perfume that depending on how I split my uses of them could see at least one, if not both, completed by my next updated. I’ve got a translucent face powder which has some pretty hefty pan showing and it is at the stage of crumbling and being noticeably powdery whenever used so if it survives my heavy hand over the next month or so I will be shocked.

Fingers crossed for a more impressive month next month! What have you managed to use up this month? Let me know in the comments below.

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