Revising My Goals And Life

Like so many people, I set myself some goals for 2018. We’re now ten months in and whilst I remember setting them as ‘smart’ targets that’s pretty far as my memory of them goes. Life has changed a lot since the goals were created. I had open heart surgery and have spent a separate chunk of time in hospital, I quit my last job and my entire mental attitude towards a number of things have shifted too. Naturally with so many unexpected curveballs thrown my way the goals need revisiting and tweaking a little but at this point in the year I’m not too fuss about whether I manage to full complete anything or just nudge in the right direction.

Achieved Goals

  1. I put down to read at least one book a season, e.g. four books in the year, and it’s safe to say I have smashed that target with it looking like I’ll be managing over 10 times that amount.
  2. My nails are certainly bare a little bit of the time but, apart from when I have spent time in hospital, on the whole I have started to do my nails a lot more and work my way through which polishes work for me and are still worth keeping around. There’s still room for improvement on this but over the next couple of months I’m pretty sure I can keep it up to nail my target.
  3. My project pan is still going strong and I’ve managed to use a fair few products up over the year. Progress isn’t always as strong as I would like it to be but it has still got me to get into slightly better routines of using things up, though there is still room for improvement, and I’m viewing this as a successful target achieved this year but will be working on smashing it further next year.
  4. I’ve started to receive a few more things for reviewing purposes, mainly books, with a mixture of PR companies, smaller PRs and brands directly getting in touch with me. It’s certainly a start in the right direction and I’m hoping with more regular uploads, more focused social media presence and a constant develop in my style and ability that these opportunities will carry on developing through the rest of this year and into next year.

Goals I’m Progressing With

  1. I mentioned how it would be great to spend more time cooking or baking something a little bit more interesting and sharing the recipe(s) over on this blog. The blog part of it hasn’t really happened but I have turned my instagram more into a foodie haven and I do try to be a little more creative in the kitchen than before. It’s a goal I’ve half succeeded with and whilst I would like to manage the blogging side of it there are so many other great people doing that sort of thing it feels like mine would look very poor in comparison.
  2. Slowly, and I mean slowly, I am getting better at organising my property. I still struggle with getting clothes on hangers all of the time but I’m working towards it and acknowledge when it has crept back into that messy place. We need a new iron but when the opportunity has arisen somewhere along the lines with a better iron I have taken the time to get my clothes sorted out. If I at least manage to go into 2019 with an under control, and hopefully by then ironed, collection of clothes I’ll know that I am on the way to better happens and will be able to call this a success.

Wishful Thinking

  1. Another year, another failed attempt at saving money. I was actually doing fairly well with this before my surgery and quitting my job but taking time to switch jobs obviously means that the reserves a depleted a bit and it takes some time to start building them up. As I will be mentioning in a post later this month though I do now have a plan to tackle my finances to save for both a wedding and a holiday… they were only ever dream targets after all.

The aims, dreams, goals, targets whatever we prefer to call them these days aren’t exactly going badly but they could be going better as well. It disappoints me that I haven’t managed to tick off all the things listed as “100% achievable targets” yet when we are so near to the end of the year but it motivates me to push on and get them ticked off in the upcoming months.

As well as completing the Goals I’m Progressing With there are a few more small targets I want to work towards. These are likely going to come across as really basic things to most people but for me they are things that I want to work on to make me feel that little bit more fulfilled and happy with life. My entire aim with any life based goal is to make my life feel that bit more whole and well-rounded and it’s about abandoning my bad habits, adopting new good habits and just trying to appear a bit more as a normal functioning adult.

Additional Goals

  1. Since September 17th I’ve managed to wake up naturally, or set my alarm to wake up, between 06:00 and 06:30 and to then be out of bed itself by 07:00 on weekday. If it happens on a weekend that’s what I call an accident. I started this when I knew my new job was on the horizon with wanting to get into a new routine and found myself getting so much done. This is something that I want to keep up. Of course in many ways this is something that I need to keep up because of the job but I could technically get up later and spend less time getting ready in the morning but having breakfast, whacking on some mascara and maybe even reading a few pages of book before I step out the door is a much more preferable way to start my day than rushing around with minimum time to spare.
  2. In my previous job I got into a terrible habit of rushing out the door without breakfast, hence needing to adopt goal number one, and would often end up skipping lunch. My food before my evening meal would consist of some 15:00 biscuits and hot chocolate (doesn’t really count does it?) and naturally it was leaving me in a mental and physical slump. I’m hoping to be able to maintain, like I have done between jobs, having three meals a day as well as the odd snack. Doing so helps me to make better choices and not eat a huge plate in the evening which only serves to disrupt my sleeping habits. I’ve got tubs galore available to create a whole world of possibilities for what to take with me for lunch every day and I’m looking forward to making the most of my official lunch breaks to devour my food in joy away from my desk.
  3. This is something I have spent time working on since my surgery but with recovery, getting ill again and not working the progress has been super slow. Eating better food, by trying to manage goal two, has helped a bit but eating better doesn’t burn fat quite that well. I’m aiming to start going to the staff gym after work or walking home after my shift (not before because stinky!) and that those things combined with walking around a hospital and jigging about at my desk will help me to lose a little bit of weight. I’ve got a big goal overall but if I can lose a stone between now and the end of the year that will be an amazing start. There are plenty of clothes in my wardrobe that come under the ‘one day I will fit into you category’.

There are probably a huge number of other things that I am working towards or would like to achieve by the end of the year but these seem to be the most important to me right now as they get me into better habits for starting my day right, not going into a slump through the day or coming home too exhausted to eat well and will hopefully feel more confident about my figure too.

How are your 2018 goals going so far? Have you revisited them or perhaps added anything additional to them? I’d love to find out in the comments below.

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