Products I Want To Use Up In 2018 #6

August proved to be a bit of an odd month for me. The heatwave, getting hospitalised for 13 days and having a quiet time ahead of starting my new job in September. It didn’t come as much of a surprise therefore to see a stack of basic products when I opened the bag containing my empties but there was a bit of a surprise as to how much stuff had been worked through over the last few weeks.

Buying new beauty pieces hasn’t really proved to be an issue over the last couple of months and I avoided getting anything beauty related for my birthday, all my money is going on books instead, but that has allowed for the existing products to get used more and the back stock of items to very slowly decrease. At this point I feel fairly content with life and seeing the product numbers slowly decline is enough of a joy for me.

I’ve had to reach into another eyeshadow palette because the matte white/cream sort of shades in the one I was using are no more and there’s a noticeable slowing of the speed my concealer comes out the pen and how much ink there seems to be in my current eyebrow product. Despite spending nearly half of August I wore a full face of makeup more times than I did for the previous two months put together and that means that the value of products is getting used up and the chances of something going bad through neglect seems a lot less likely.

Beauty empties #6

Like my last round up of products that I used I’ll just highlight some of the high and low products I’ve used up. I bang on about facewipes every month and there’s only so many times I want to put anybody through that.

  • The Eve of St Agnes English Rose candle was already nearly finished by the start of August but for a little while I clung onto it because of loving the scent so much. The rose had a sweet touch that reminded me of Turkish Delight. I finally came to my senses decided to finish using it because leaving it to the side and it losing its smell when I did go to burn it would have been an absolute travesty. I loved the scent of this candle and would love to get the scent in a bigger candle version once my candle backlog is depleted.
  • Once the lovely rose candle had no more wax left to burn I reached back into my candle stash and continued to burn the WoodWick Candle Sweet Lime Gelato. I got this candle in one of the smallest sizes WoodWick do from TK Maxx for less than £5. The crackle of a WoodWick candle fills me with so much joy and despite the summer heat I used this to fill the air with a pleasant summery scent and used the natural crackle to think about being outside on a summer evening, toasting marshmallows and watching the sunset. In my head it was very romantic. WoodWick candles are certainly something that I would consider buying again, I have another one of the same size in a different scent, but whilst I loved this particular aroma it is not one I would be rushing out to buy again in the future.
  • I fear the main take away piece of information from this post is going to be how hot it was for some parts of August. With summer in full swing and the sun beaming its rays down we went through a fair amount of sun protection in the last month or two. The Boots Soltan SPF 30 did a fantastic job of protecting us from the harsh heat and, apart from where user error was to blame, we avoided getting a dread sunburn despite venturing outside. This came in a set with SPF 15, SPF 50 and some aftersun so we’ve been all set for the super high UV days and the less obviously ‘sunny’ days as well. Sun protection is important folks, don’t forget to apply!
  • In the cold I sweat. In the warmth I sweat. In the hot I sweat profusely. Mitcham’s Utimate 48hr Gel did an amazing job of stopping me from becoming that horrendously stinky person on public transport after a day out. It’s certainly not the cheapest stuff out there but if we’re talking confidence in muggy London then it’s well worth it.
  • With such heat (can you tell yet I thought it was warm?) I needed to help keep my challengingly dry patchy face hydrated and feeling cool too. Luckily, back in the chilly month of December I received a Queen of Hungary Mist as part of my Look Fantastic advent calendar and have been using it since. During July and August though it went from being an occasional spray a couple of times a week to an absolute essential a couple of times a day. We got one that had a special rose hint to it and it smelled absolutely divine as well as doing a fantastic job of giving much needed life back into the skin. I might have to put one on my ‘I would like for Christmas list’ which reallllyyyy pains me because these do not come cheap.
  • And for five positive products there’s a negative. There aren’t two Rimmel Scandal Eyes Reloaded in Extreme Black because of how much I love the product but instead because of how much I hate it. I’m currently using the one in the orange tube and that one works so much better than these stinky clumpy things. When I ended up with two of them I put cellotape around the second one to make sure I didn’t open it before the other one was done so when I looked at the opened one and failed terribly at making it work I thought it was perhaps just open for too long but the unopened one was an identical mess. The product just stuck to the wand, clumped up at the eyelashes and made going in with a light application seem impossible. I’ve never struggled with a mascara this much in my life.

What products have you used up during the month of August? Is there anything you’re sad to see leave your collection? I’d love to talk to you about them in the comments down below.

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