Why I Am Over Bath Bombs

This is a post that I never imagined I would end up writing. For several years I loved bath bombs for the added scent, colour and feel that they add to a bath but on recent reflection my opinions have changed on bath bombs, bubble bars and bubble bath and I thought I would share why.

Firstly, I still absolutely love baths. Baths help my muscles to relax and I use them as an opportunity to reflect on any thoughts bouncing around my head and just as a chance to reset my mind. And whilst my thoughts have changed on bath bombs I still love using bubble bath; it acts as an insulator to keep the water warm for longer, it adds a scent to the bath and certain ones provide that moisturising element to the skin. Bubble bath does the same thing as a bath bomb, which I have always acknowledged to be the case, but it is so much cheaper and easier to store as well as cruelty free/vegan being increasingly available from the high street.

For a long time I hadn’t really considered just how much scent can be loaded into a bubble bath liquid. In my head The Comforter bubble bar was the bees knees in terms of creating bubbles and scent but after reflection and having to break it up into a sieve under running water to get maximum bubbles from it. Personally, I also found that the scent kick and lasting scent throw of something like The Comforter wasn’t that great and halfway into my bath the scent would completely disappear but traditional liquid bubble baths never tend to leave me disappointed that way.

It’s easier to match a liquid bubble bath scent to a candle as well as you are able to take the lid off and get your nose stuck in properly whereas so many bath bomb fragrances are hard to detect until they land in the water and at which point you don’t want to start running around to find the perfect matching candle. And getting a good matching candle to go with the bath product really helps to enhance the experience and that is something that is important to me given the role baths play in my relaxation and mindfulness routines.

Also, the price of bath bombs always blows my mind because even the ones on the cheaper end of the scale are pretty expensive. Let’s talk about Lush and Bomb Cosmetics products, I usually buy them in sales so they are better value compared to what they usually retail for, you’ve suddenly gone from a pretty cheap evening treat to spending £££’s on something that lasts for an hour and then gets washed down the plughole. As for the people that make bath bomb cocktails and use two or sometimes even three in one hour long bath? Like please distribute your wealth.

I reached a stage where I was cutting bath bombs in half because even when they were full the scent just wasn’t that long lasting, the colour of the water was often overwhelming from a full product and I just felt so incredibly guilty about using an entire one. But I reached a point where cutting them in half became hassle and I just wanted to get the ones I had in my bathroom cupboard used up and when it reaches a point of not enjoying using a product it doesn’t make sense to drag their life out.

Then there is the colour and glitter issues of a bath bomb. The colours of them may look great in the solid form but when they hit the water it can just go horribly wrong. I don’t want to be sitting in water that looks like it’s mud or that a murder has been committed so the pale ones are great and that is one of the reasons I started to cut them in half as it helped to tone down the vibrancy a little. But also the amount of glitter in some of these products just ends up leaving my skin feeling a little bit itchy and then the next day you’re looking at your arm and realise just how sparkly you have become. If I want glitter then I want to do it by using a product that I know has glitter in it rather than an inner layer shouting surprise!

Moving on from bath bombs seems a bit like an end of an era but I think that it is simply time for me to move on from them. Am I against them to the point where if they came into my life I wouldn’t use them? Of course not! But I just don’t want to be putting my money into them or using them anywhere near as regularly as I had been. There are other things that I want to buy, use and experience instead of bath bombs, things that will leave a longer impression or have a bigger impact on my life, and given they are not things that I have recently been enjoying it seems silly to just carry on purchasing and using them for the sake of a pretty photo to post on social media.

What products do you use in your bath? Do you have a favourite bath bomb? Do you do anything to make your bath products last longer or make the experience more enjoyable? Let me know in the comments below!

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