Morden Hall Park

Fresh air, open spaces and greenery really makes my heart sing and especially when the sun is shining, the skies are blue and there is a breeze casually gliding around. It’s a careful balance though as going to an open space on such a clear skied day can quickly become a sticky nightmare.

Luckily Morden Hall Park has enough trees, benches and buildings to retreat to and escape the glaring sun whilst the small body of water also helps to create a gentle breeze. A few Sunday’s ago we got a tram to Phipp’s Bridge and headed into the park. The temperature was just right to allow for people to be able to sit on the grass and sunbath, with kids running around playing games and football, without passing out or risking becoming sunburned in the space of minutes.

Not only are the grounds beautiful and extremely peaceful to walk around in, as well as being well maintained and having information points and signs thanks to the National Trust, it also has a number of buildings to explore. As well as a few spots with historical interest there is also a garden centre, a couple of cafes and much to my joy a pretty great secondhand bookshop (though make sure you have cash on hand as this is an old school bookshop where the lady just has one of those little cash boxes and a tally of sales).

When living in a built up area of Croydon and having such easy access to Central London it is very easy to forget that we have so many parks, lakes and woods just a bus or tram journey away. After our walk around here I created a list of other super accessible places that it would be great to explore and it serves as a good compromise for somebody like myself, that grew up in the countryside and has a huge love for the greenery, that lives in a built up place but still desires the feel of escapism.

It is certainly the place I am likely to return to again, especially as it costs just £1.50 each way thanks to its location right next to the tram stop, to do some more exploring and perhaps to take a book and sit there in peace. When I start my new job and have worked my way through some of my To Be Read stack I will also be going along with an empty bag or two and digging through those bookshelves for some incredible modern and classic fiction books.

Greenery with a footpath

Tamed but natural gardens

Field with a bare tree

Heavy foliage and nature

River separates the green

Have you got a favourite local open space? Are you more into open fields, woods or carefully pruned gardens? I’d love to find out more about your nature interests in the comments below.


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