Once Upon A Cheesecake Jars*

Last year for my birthday, I made a cheesecake. It’s one of my absolute favourite desserts to make, to eat and to talk about. So when Croydon Foodies ran a competition on Instagram in association with Once Upon A Cheesecake to win win four jars of cheesecake I was obviously going to cross my fingers and pray to the lucky stars that my luck was going to be in.

And incredibly my luck was in and a few days after the competition closed there were two jars of salted caramel and two jars of banoffee cheesecake sitting in my kitchen fridge calling out to be gobbled up. It took a lot of strength for me to not tuck into both the flavours in one sitting because they just looked so incredibly inviting and smelled fantastically sweet combined with that soft traditional creamy scent from the cream cheese layer.

Six sided jars with cheesecake inside

Not only was I going to be having some delicious cheesecake to eat I was also going to get to have four glass jars to re-use in the future. I love mini jars for things like hot chocolate, tea, spices and other loose leaf/particle items as it makes the product visible, contained and pretty whilst the bigger and usually more ugly container can go hiding in a cupboard somewhere. As all my tea and coffee was already in square jars and I had four large containers of hot chocolate sitting on the worktop it seemed natural to put some of those into these jars.

The issue that the jars brought up though seemed to be a rather obvious one; how do you get a spoon into the jar in such a way that doesn’t leave a lot of product in the crevices? It was something that neither myself or my partner figured out over the couple of days that we were eating these cheesecakes and there was nothing to do other than getting your hand a bit dirty and swiping around the edges. This is not a huge issue to me but I can imagine it becoming a bit of an awkward moment if you are eating them around people you are not overly familiar with, perhaps if these have been used in place of a traditional dessert at a wedding or party, and if you were paying for these jars that would no doubt cause frustration.

Close up of cheesecakes

The flavours themselves were delicious and unless forced to declare a favourite they would both come out as equally enjoyable. The banoffee one was slightly less sweet as the freshly cut banana cut through the sugar of the other ingredients but the salted caramel one had the mildly salty element to counteract the sweetness there as well. Unlike a lot of cheesecake bases it seemed that the biscuits had been combined using butter but that there was perhaps also some brown sugar in there as well but this could be because I struggled to identify the biscuits after realising they didn’t seem to be the usual digestive base.

You can get the cheesecakes as entire circles rather than as individual jars and I think that they might work out better in terms of ease of eating and being able to get a swipe with a spoon that includes all the scrumptious flavours together but the jars, perhaps if in a circular jar, would work out great for functions as an opportunity to offer people different flavours in the perfect portion and aesthetically quaint sort of way.

How do you feel about food coming in jars like this? Do you have any tips on how to eat such a product without leaving lots of it behind? What’s your favourite cheesecake flavour? Let me know in the comments below!

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