Random Food I Have Eaten Recently #3

It has been a little while since I did a post about random things I have eaten recently but of course that does not mean that no eating or cooking has occurred! Food from Mud and Pizza Pilgrims has been absolutely delightful as was a fun tasty bubble waffle from Chillbox in Boxpark, Croydon.

Actually, quite a few tasty things have been eaten since the last post but several of them have been eaten without a camera or phone camera coming out to grab a snap. As well as using my camera for slightly better photos, when I do happen to capture my food, I have also started to try to instagram story my more random or ‘less pretty’ food shots so that both my feed and stories are full of food delights.

Daily lunch offering from Cafe Adagio

As I have mentioned before Addiscombe, Croydon is blessed with a number of good cafes that all have a unique selling point, different atmospheres and and tasty food with many of them doing options to go allowing you to be in a rush and eat on the go or to take home and nibble on in your own time.

One day my partner nipped into Cafe Adagio to get some lunch for us both to eat at home and came back with two healthy slices of scrumptious homemade goodies that we sliced in half to be able to both sample them. One was a potato pie and the other a vegetable frittata with each of them being absolutely delicious, perfect textures and loaded with flavours.

Another day we were catching up with friends to talk a few things over and went to The Tram Stop to do that, grab a hot drink and dig into some late lunch as well. The soup is always a safe option as they never fail to impress and come with a super soft bread roll and the mac and cheese is perfect too but on this day I was feeling like giving something different a try. That was when I spotted on the special chalkboard an item fairly rare in London in June… a haggis panini with melted cheese and cranberry sauce with a side salad and ready salted crisps. A rare find and a real pleasure to eat.

Haggis, cheese and cranberry panini

So often lunch is my first meal of the day. It is a terrible habit and one that I really need to try and get out of but when I do have breakfast, which often ends up being more a brunch, I cannot help but go all out and make it a plate of warm comforting joy.

Doing a cooked breakfast is something that I have to be in the mood for as otherwise it quickly becomes a bit of a half-hearted effort and the end result doesn’t come out as well as I would want. Sometimes when the cooked breakfast craving comes along I will just pop out to a cafe to get something without the hassle of the preparation, the cooking or the dreaded cleaning up afterwards. When the mood to have one at home comes along though then it needs to be acted upon and ow it was completely and utterly worth it. Even just looking at this cooked breakfast gives me a comforting hug from deep within me.

English cooked breakfast

Beef, potato and spinach curry

My food tastes have changed over the last couple of months and a beef kofta and potato curry that I cooked, using a Hello Fresh recipe, which had a mildly spicy but very creamy sauce to go with it was possibly one of the last potato dishes that I truly enjoyed eating. Potato is something that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with at the best of times as when I was in primary school I went to an old Victorian factory and the smell reminded me of the taste of potatoes in stew. Erg.

This dish though really hit the spot and was absolutely delightful as the potatoes managed to soak up a lot of flavour whilst not becoming overly soft or developing a hard outer casing. But it was not just the potatoes that made this dish a success but the entire sauce, the inclusion of spinach, the quality of the beef and the sprinkling of coriander over the top.

But with potato being so hit and miss it is no surprise to hear that it is far from my favourite carb. That honour belongs to pasta. Whether it is as small as orzo or as chunky as tagliatelle it gets a big happy dance from me. Sometimes thought I just want to mix things up the smallest amount by putting one of my favourite dishes with a different type of pasta and this included putting rigatoni with bolognese instead of the usual spaghetti or penne.

Rigatoni dinner

This entire pasta dish was an absolute treat, especially given how quickly it was whipped together, and serves as a reminder to me of just how great rigatoni is for things like bolognese because of the way it is able to hold such a chunky sauce. As for this particular dish though the things like the fresh chopped tomatoes and the *ahem* healthy amount of Parmesan cheese over the top really gave it an added flavour as well as extra texture.

So that’s just a tiny snapshot of what I have been eating recently. I would love to find out about what you have noshed on over the last couple of months and if you know of anywhere that I should try out do let me know in the comments below!

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