Pizza Pilgrims, London

In a recent haul I shared my love of pizza and how it reached the point of me getting a pin that expresses that so it will come as no surprise to spot a review of a pizza place over here. A pizza is good at the best of times but it is always that little bit better and more enjoyable when you wander around looking for a lunch spot and come across somewhere that has been on the “wanting to visit” list for some time (spurred on by the joys of instagram of course!).

We had agreed to meet up with a friend in Central London one day and after going to the Doc Martens store on Carnaby Street to get my partner some new shoes we walked around for a while on the hunt for somewhere to eat and stumbled across Pizza Pilgrims on Kingly Street. If you happen to follow London pizza on social medias then you have probably heard of Pizza Pilgrims as it often comes up with other restaurants like Homeslice for the quality of pizza at pretty competitive prices so naturally when we came across it I was pretty excited to give it a go and whip out my camera and capture the moment.

It was a weekend so the restaurant was fairly busy but we agreed to sit on a table at the front that was a large square and essentially could be used for a big group, a number of small groups or many individuals wanting to eat and happy to share a space. The size of the table meant that as a small group we were still able to have a conversation together without hitting elbows with anybody else or clashing plates as they came to the table. On the table there was a number of items, including oils, for flavouring to pizzas as well as a little tin for cutlery should it be wanted by a pizza eater.

Mushroom and truffle white pizza

Increasingly over recent years I have found myself leaning away from a tomato base when out and about getting pizza and have instead leaned more towards a white base. there is really very little logic in what made me transition from one type of base to another but the tomato base always feels that bit heavier during eating and that often the tomato combined with the flavourings and seasons mixed throughout it tend to overwhelm some of the other items on the pizza. Of course there are places that do amazing tomato bases but there are only so many mediocre ones you can try before deciding it is best just to steer clear of them altogether.

All the options on the menu looked super delicious but in the end I settled for the £10 portobello and truffle pizza which they declare as “this might be the poshest pizza we have on our menu” despite not having the highest price tag as a result of it being super simple on the ingredients front and meat-free too. They continue to use the same dough for this as all the other pizzas based on a Neapolitan dough that creates a fluffy texture deep pan base without being overwhelmingly on the heavy side to eat as you work your way through the pizza bite by bite.

The flavours and textures of the toppings, mushroom and truffle, are both things that people can have a love/hate relationship with but for me they are things that I enjoy and find go well together. With the light fluffy base, with mild flavours of its own, combined with the white base and the ingredients it came together like a match made in heaven. None of the flavours overwhelmed any of the others and it provided a wonderfully gentle firework of flavours inside the mouth with a pleasing combination of soft dough, stringy cheese and mild crunch from the mushroom topping.

For me the pizza was a really enjoyable item to eat and it has certainly made me want to return to Pizza Pilgrims to give a few more bits from the menu, including the tomato base ones, a go as the balance of flavours, quantity of ingredients and softness of the dough from this pizza really encourages me that they would be able to do a good one. The pizzas that my partner and friend had looked delicious as well and smelled fantastic.

Mac n cheese deep fried balls

As if the pizza was not delightful enough I happened to spot some mac and cheese balls on the sides part of the menu and naturally I just had to give them a go to see if they lived up to everything my mind was telling me they would.

Of course, they did. The inside had a warm goo of gentle cheese, soft pasta and pleasing seasoning that made the mac and cheese inside itself an absolute pleasure that I would be happy to eat by the bucketful without a pizza or deep-fryer in sight. The coating around the ball had a gentle crunch and flavouring that added to the contents but was not at all greasy and had managed to stay crispy throughout the frying process.

There is no other way to describe these other than warm delightful bites of flavourful carb loaded gooeyness and are well worth getting as a side to share with friends when you take a visit to a Pizza Pilgrims store with these on offer.

You are already putting your coat and shoes on to get to London to land at a seat of PP right? If not you certainly should be because the atmosphere is very relaxed, the staff are friendly and the food is of great quality and value. Ow wait, you don’t want to leave your house? You could always get some delivered to you if you happen to live near enough!

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