Whittard of Chelsea Haul

Unless it is a cup of coffee, you can pass me pretty much any hot drink and I will happily sip away at it. For tea, whatever type it is, I generally go without milk and reserve all the milk use for making a rich delicious hot chocolate and with that all I need is some tea leaves, hot water and a mug to get a moment of serene bliss and calm.

Given I have reduced my alcohol intake in the last couple of months, especially in the lead up to surgery, it seemed to make sense to treat myself to more pleasant soft and hot drinks as there is only so much squash and water one person wants to drink in a day. So before I had my surgery I made a pretty hefty order from Whittard of Chelsea to give me a huge variety of loose leaf tea flavours and some delectable hot chocolate too as a big “you’ve got this and deserve to look after yourself” moment.

Apple and elderflower tea in plastic container with mini teapot over it

Some of the flavours that I selected were a little bit of a risk but they sounded promising and if they were not quite to my taste I was fairly confident I could find a way to make them work. This included a white hot chocolate in the creme brulee flavour, which given a real creme brulee isn’t something that I have actually tried myself, but luckily it turned to be a fantastic shot in the dark and is possibly my favourite of the three that I selected.

Whilst I enjoy the mango and moringa loose leaf tea it is certainly the one that has the most acquired taste and came as quite a surprise. I am not sure why it came as much of a surprise though given that the name clearly indicates that it will be a fruit and floral combination but the floral elements were the most obvious and I find it is best to drink when in the garden or with the doors open to let the fresh air in as otherwise it feels very out of place.

Whittard of Chelsea hot chocolate flavours

Usually the loose leaf tea will come in a caddy and then you can get the cardboard style refills to replenish them but given I wanted to have a number of different types I didn’t want to have numerous large caddies around. Instead I just ordered the refill items from the beginning and got several small jars to be able to pour small amounts into whilst keeping the rest in the cupboard. As the hot chocolates came in tall thin containers, which were fairly pretty, I decided to find a home for them on the kitchen counter alongside the usual Cadbury drinking chocolate pot.

Doing this method with the jars kept the amount of items on the kitchen side to a minimal as well as protecting the cardboard packaging from getting wet or splashed with cooking products such as oil. This is something that is important given the amount of storage space that we have in the flat and also because having several bulkier pieces of packaging on the side would have caused me a little discomfort and possibly put me off going anywhere near the kettle.

Sachets of tea, pots of tea and hot chocolate tubs

The products from Whittard of Chelsea might not be as cheap as some that you can get in the supermarket but the quantity that you need, the punch that the flavours provide and the detail that has gone into the notes of each item makes it clear it is a quality item that will last longer than a lot of other teas I have encountered before and therefore makes it worth every single penny.

Not only do they take care with their products they also ensure that once they head out into the postal system and to the recipient that they are well protected and maintain the quality as well. The box that the products arrived in was a thick quality cardboard box that had the brand printed around it and the inside was well packaged to ensure products did not slip and spill around; all this ensured that if it came into contact with a rainy day or some clattering in the delivery offices that nothing would happen to the products that might cause dissatisfaction or disappointment.

I will certainly be ordering from Whittard of Chelsea again in the future and would recommend them to anybody looking to expand their hot drink options by either ordering online or visiting one of the Central London stores to browse, sniff around and ask the advice of staff members on hand to assist.

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