Post-Surgery Blog Absence

As the year started to creep on by I had got it into my head that there would be a post published here every other day. Even when life got a bit in the way there was an attempt to backdate posts and keep that theme going.

This could have been sustainable and possible, in fact there seemed a chance I would be able to get ahead with the scheduling game, but in May I had open heart surgery and the recovery left me in a place of not feeling upto editing photos or producing written content.

Given we are now in the middle of June and my last post was at the end of April it seems ridiculous to try and backdate that many posts. It would be a constant battle and the quality would no doubt suffer as a result as I tried to claw my way back on track and desperately trying to find content that would work for the particular publication date.

It could be seen as a failure in my aims but this was a break that was rather forced upon me. Of course the six weeks of recovery could have seen me focusing all my energy on the blog but in reality getting over such big surgery does not allow for masses of energy, comfort or focus.

Normal service should start to resume soon. If I’ve missed any big posts or updates in your life please do let me know about them in the comments below.

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