Forest & Shore Hair Oil*

My hair has a lot of length to it and no matter what shampoo and conditioner I use as soon as the weather starts to become a little warmer and more Spring/Summer like my ends dry up and start to feel a little bit like straw.

The straw feeling is really annoying because when the weather starts to get better it always seems to be the time of year when I want to let my hair down and to show off my natural waves. It doesn’t just feel like straw through it starts to look a little dry and messy as well so it becomes a constant battle to look like it’s natural with not too much effort waves without it looking like a hedge won a contest against me.

So when Forest & Shore approached me to see if I would be interested in giving their hair oil for dry and damaged hair a go it was perfect timing and had the potential to be an absolute god send for over the hotter months. The Hallelujah Hair Oil is loaded with a mixture of different oils including coconut, sesame and olive that help to provide a great blend of strengthening and softening qualities. Luckily it is scented with rosemary and lavender though so you will not smell like your hair has just had an epic day in a kitchen.

Hair oil for dry and damaged

The product is 100% organic as well which is fantastic. Putting natural and organic products on my hair is something that I am hugely passionate about and largely tend to be a lot more aware about organic and natural products for hair care than any other part of my beauty and skincare regime. It being so natural really comes through in the scent of the product and the rosemary and lavender oils really give it a pleasant punch to counteract the nutty and more deeply kitchen scents of some of the other oils.

The strong scent does mean though that this is the sort of product I want to put in my hair a few hours before I go to wash my hair or to pop on overnight after I have washed my hair (I am an evening hair washer kind of girl). There are some people that put hair oils onto their hair after washing it in a morning but with the scent I am aware that some people close to me could be put off by it but also with the weather getting warmer having exposed oil on the ends of my hair, in my mind at least, would make the risk of it being dry and damaged more obvious.

My first impressions seem really positive and hopefully my hair will continue to improve over the upcoming months of me using this. I will certainly report back after using it for a few months or when the product is complete to see what difference it has made to my hair and whether I would look at purchasing it again in the future. The scent is pleasant, it is really easy and gentle to put onto the hair and the dropper functions really well to help ensure you do not end up getting the product everywhere apart from your hands and hair.

Glass bottle with hair oil inside

Have you given this hair oil a try? Do you tend to use hair oils at all? If you have a favourite product for keeping ends soft and tamed I would love to find out about them in the comments below.

*This product was sent to me free of charge by Forest & Shore but all opinions are my own.

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