Organising My Books

We live in a flat where we simply have too much stuff and not enough space. I have discussed this in many ways before and it is one of the reasons I am trying to cut down my beauty stash so I just have one shampoo and one conditioner on the go instead of five on back up and go through things and acknowledge what is no longer used or needed.

Recently a couple of boxes of things, ranging from plates to clothes to bric-a-brac, went off in the direction of charity and it was acknowledged that we do not need two irons and that when our current one goes we probably wouldn’t want to use the other one anyway so there is no point in having it hanging around. But however much we seem to make all the sensible decisions everywhere we look there is just another pile of items looking a little ugly in the corner.

In the dream world we would move to a different property but moving costs a huge amount of money in terms of deposits, vans to move all our furniture and getting new things we had no purpose for in this flat. Combine money issues with the fact we would love to have somewhere with stairs, perhaps a whole house, when we move to another rented property and how stairs would not be useful for my recovery post-surgery we just need to stay here for the time being.

But there are certain things I am doing to take steps towards getting the flat to be a little more organised or ready for a day if we do decide to move; The idea mainly came to me when I was trying to figure out a way to re-purpose the Hello Fresh boxes instead of trying to find a way to squeeze them into our tiny recycling boxes (if you live in flats in a converted house then you probably understand my recycling area woes).

I am the kind of person that is very unlikely to re-read a book, at least whilst I have unread books hanging around, but also the sort of hoarder that means I do not want to get rid of a book once I have read it. This is something that I am trying to get better at and every six months or so I will be sitting down by the books that I have read and considering if there is any chance I would want to re-read it and if the answer is no then it can shuffle off to charity as well. We tend to get a fair amount of our books from second-hand stores and charity shops so it only seems right to pass them back on for somebody else to hopefully pick up and get something from the words within.

So the books that I have read are now going into a big cardboard box and to ensure that I know what is inside the box has been labelled and a spreadsheet has been created to include a pretty detailed description of each of the items hidden within. For me only books that I have read are going into my box whereas my partner has taken an approach of books he doesn’t want on display or ones he is unlikely to get around to reading anytime soon going into his. They are two different approaches but they work for both of us and help to stop there being quite so many loose stacks of books hanging around the lounge and instead just two cardboard boxes hanging out between the armchair and the bookcase (almost acting as a little side table).

Sure, it still is far from a gorgeous setup or one that makes me think “wow our lounge is so put together” but it makes everything feel a little more organised and with that the mind feels a little more organised and clutter-free as well. There are certainly a couple of books in my box that I know will probably be heading off to charity but I want to give it a couple of months until the box hopefully becomes a little more full and then a decent number of them can head off to a charity shop all at once.

If you have too many books to fit on your bookcase(s) I would love to know how you store them in a way that stops them from looking like clutter in the room but also keeps them in a good safe condition. Do leave a comment below if you have any tips on that sort of thing and don’t forget for my reading journey you can give me a follow on Goodreads too.

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