Getting A Nintendo Switch

I had been wanting to get a Nintendo Switch for a little while, after playing on our friends one, and once I found out that surgery was needed and there would be a lot of time spent doing nothing in the hospital and then at home afterwards it seemed like the right time to seriously considering investing in one.

After a lot of umming and ahhing my partner decided he would get it for me as an early birthday present, or at least put a fair share of money towards it being a present for me, so we trundled into town a few days after the news and got one. Naturally we went for the colourful controllers because it is a console all about fun and it seemed a missed opportunity to not have it externally reflecting that.

In time we will be getting a pro controller or two but at the minute, especially where it will be getting used handheld in the hospital, we have just stuck with the original red and blue ones that come with it which does make it particularly fun for two player games of Fifa. When you consider the price of the console itself or the bundles of the console with a game or two as well it makes the controllers seem really expensive; when you pay similar money for a PS4 controller it makes a bit more sense when you consider the initial financial investment involved there.

Speaking of games we actually opted for a reasonably good time to invest in the console. I managed to have a look around and get Fifa for £20 whilst we had got Zelda in the console bundle that happened to have a £50 off sale going on. There was also a decent sale on the Nintendo store at the time so I downloaded Thumper, a single player game where you move around a little metal bug on a track and hit certain buttons in time with the increasingly dramatic music, and added plenty of other things to my wish list.

I really want to get Splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey over the next month or two as well as they both have great offline single player story modes but the team battles on Splatoon remind me a little of the different battles on Destiny (which was something I massively enjoyed) but obviously they are very rarely discounted due to their popularity so do have pretty hefty price tags attached to them.

It really is proving to be great fun though as something to do by myself, something to watch my partner go on or something for us to do together. We did play on the PS3 together but as our Fifa was increasingly old and a lot of the other games that could be done multiplayer are probably more my sort of thing, car racing for instance, it was more of a serious thing to sit down and do it together. Something about the Switch just feels so much more fun and collaborative and the way the store is accessed makes it a lot easier to search for fun games that we might both enjoy or at least be willing to try out.

Having it in our lives is something that I am really happy about and it has added another option of things for us to get up to as well as giving me something to do when I am in recovery. There is a wordsearch game that I am seriously thinking about getting because it is simple, will keep me busy without ending up with a stack of puzzle books by my bed after a week and is relatively cheap at around £7 but it does seem like an amusing thing to purchase; I guess that it is no different to people having a kindle with books for their holiday though as it is a space saver and at least with an on screen wordsearch I can always do them again another time!

Edit (Tuesday 24th April): There was a sale on in the store so I got Astrobears, a party game where you have to avoid clashing into friends trails, for an amazing £2.69. This is a game that we have played at our friends house and it seemed like a really fun and simple addition to have for if we have people round. In that same sale Oxenfree, a mystery adventure game that might give you mild creeps as you get stuck in a bit of a time loop, was available for £3.99 and given the number of good things I heard about it from the community it seemed like not getting it would be a missed opportunity.

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