Mud, Tooting

I wanted to go to the Mud in Boxpark, Croydon but never actually got around to it before it closed and returned to just having the proper shopfront in Tooting. Luckily my hospital happens to be in Tooting and my appointments are usually done with just enough time to get sitting on a bench in Mud before their 3pm deadline to order from the kitchen.

Luckily I had a friend that was happy to meet me at the hospital after an appointment and do a quick journey across to Mud for a bit of brunch. My appointment lasted a little longer than expected, not helped by the cardiologist running behind a little, but we made it to the door of Mud at 2:55pm and informed them we wanted to order food (which of course was okay with the very friendly staff).

Two brunch dishes

My friend had experienced the eggs benny with pork belly before and already had that decided upon whilst I had taken a look at the menu in advance and decided to give the breakfast muffin a try. When the dishes turned up the portions were great, the smells were delicious and the visuals added to the desire to tuck in as well and it was clear I was about to bite into a real joyfully tasty, fresh and well-cooked treat.

The egg was absolutely fantastic and the choice of egg, to give the vibrant orange yolk, really adds to the dish. The flavour of the egg and especially the yolk going down through the rest of the ingredients resting between the English Muffin made it delightfully rich and even a little creamy in consistency. It was a really enjoyable dish to tuck into and I was extra lucky that my friend offered me a bit of their pork belly to try too (which let me say was super melt in the mouth scrummy and full of flavour); At the end of the meal and when it came to being time to walk out and head to the bus stop I was absolutely stuffed but very content and quite liking the idea of having a post-food nap on the bus.

Mason jar juice and teapot

After spending so long trying to drag out a 500ml water bottle in the hospital, after getting ripped off for £1, I was pretty keen on getting liquid refreshments. After a little deliberation I went for a gunpowder extreme teapot because I love anything that is a green tea and find that the gunpowder extreme one has a really enjoyable flavour and smooth aftertaste to it.

I also went for a juice that was loaded with fruit and vegetables but mainly tasted of beetroot and ginger which is a super wonderful combination of flavours and really gave a fresh and revitalising zingy feel with every sip; I am sure the juice had natural sugar in it but it felt healthy and the consistency of the juice itself wasn’t thin like water but also managed to avoid being clumpy.

Then… A couple of weeks later we returned (again after a hospital appointment and a trip to Wilko’s because clearly we know how to lead the greatest lives) and I just had to try the full eggs benny with pork belly for myself. I was not disappointed. The pork was again so soft and melt in the mouth with a gentle crackle on the outside and being loaded with flavour and seasoning. On top of the hefty piece of pork were two really well cooked eggs, an amazing sauce and some cute little edible flowers. With the smells and the look of the dish I felt like I had already tucked in as my mouth was left salivating at the idea of tucking in.

Mud, Tooting eggs benny

We also opted for a side of sausages and baked beans which were again super well cooked and packed with flavour as well as cutely presented; our table looked like an absolutely joyful feast that any meat eater would be happy to have served up in front of them.

Mud is an incredible place to go for cooked food and drinks but they also do a mixture of cakes and pastries, the Oreo brownie is chocolate heaven, and I would 100% recommend it if you happen to be in Tooting or have an appointment at St George’s and are done before 3pm. The dishes do have a bit of a price to them with a juice, a teapot, the eggs benny with the added pork and one of the sides (as we split the cost in half) coming to just under £18 but if you are having this as a meal to catch up with friends or family and it essentially becomes your main meal of the day then the price is totally worth it.

If you have gone to Mud either when it was still in Croydon or at the original branch in Tooting, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Also if you have any spots in Tooting that are worth visiting for food then do let me know that as well!

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