Updated Thoughts On Hello Fresh

Back in February I decided it was time to try and make life a little bit easier by giving Hello Fresh a try. My hope was that it would take away the need to think up meals off the top of my head, write down a shopping list and then go and get those ingredients; they are all super simple tasks but they started to feel a little overwhelming and especially where my mental health has been a little bit more miss than hit.

Wraps and chips

Not only did I find it making everything a lot more simple in terms of meals but it also made meals a little bit more exciting as even the more ‘basic’ family classic recipes have a little twist to them that helps to stop it from feeling drab. Getting stuck in a food rut is a hole that almost everybody falls into at some point in life and for me the end of 2017 and start of 2018 was that moment and it really made thinking about food incredibly unappealing. All the recipes come in card form as well so it means that in the future there are plenty of quick, interesting and tasty meals on hand to add into a week of cooking which really makes it a bit like a gift that keeps on giving.

Burger and chips

There are a couple of meals that have left me feeling a little underwhelmed but we are talking one or two in the entire time of us giving it a go and even then the meals were not bad or horrible to taste they were just not quite what I imagined them to be. Some of the dishes I have cooked have turned out to be some great discoveries and have really made me think about food differently; we very rarely, if ever, would usually cook a gnocchi dish but there are so many that have been super tasty and delicious that it is something that we would be more likely to consider in the future.

Risotto and salad

Hello Fresh is certainly something that we are likely to continue with for a while longer but I am not imagining it to be something that we continue to do all the way through to the end of the year as I feel that there might be a point where it feels repetitive and a little difficult to pick out new and exciting meals. Hopefully by the time that point is reached we will have a good bank of recipes and I will be feeling more up to figuring out a weekly food menu and getting all the food into the kitchen to make it happen.

Aubergine, cheese, freekah and salad

It does have a bit of a price to go with it, five meals for two people comes in at just under £50 a week, but given we were at a point of grabbing things for cooking from a local supermarket rather than a larger store and also being a bit overwhelmed at figuring out what the actually cook so ending up turning to a takeaway it doesn’t work out any more financially shocking than our previous spending. As we do attempt to switch back to doing all the cooking and planning ourselves we will go for a transition of getting the box that is three meals a week before stopping completely just to ensure that it doesn’t seem overly daunting.

Have you given Hello Fresh a go or are you interested in giving it a try? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! If you want to see more of what I cook then give me a follow on instagram.

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