Products I Want To Use Up In 2018 #4

Wow the product drought really hit this month. After finishing so many products in the first couple of months, combined with a month of not feeling that great and a little lazy, there was not a lot of products already on the go or a lot of products that were calling out to me.

Despite it being such a small amount of products I don’t feel disheartened but actually extra encouraged to carry on working through everything because small progress is better than no progress. And whilst the product numbers are low these are actually some hefty sized products that take a long time to use up so it reminds me that constant use and persistence was not as much as a meaningless exercise as it felt at points.

Things I Have Finished

Four product empties for the project pan

  • Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel. This bottle was getting close to the end of its life as I got it over Christmas 2016 so I just used it as a bubble bath replacement given I am currently out of those. The main reason I was happy to use it as a bubble bath though is, shock horror to Lush lovers, Snow Fairy is probably one of my least favourite scents.
  • Baylis and Harding limited edition midnight fig and pomegranate three wick candle. This is a pretty hefty candle and I remember purchasing it around May 2017 but didn’t start burning it for quite some time. I love the scent, scent throw and even burn of this candle and it certainly makes me want to try more candles from the brand in the future.
  • Anatomicals apricot face mask sachet. Apricot was the OG of skincare back in the day and this threw me back to those days a bit. This was a gentle scrub on the face and did a little but nothing groundbreaking. I think I just need something super strong and vicious to tackle my face properly.
  • Body Shop papaya body butter. It was a consistently thick body butter and less of this was needed, even when we got further into the tub, than I find with some of the other scents from The Body Shop. The scent itself wasn’t my favourite but it certainly wasn’t bad either. Based on the formula I would certainly consider buying it again in the future, if it is on sale, but would not go out of my way to get this particular one.

Things I have Realised

Generally since the start of the year I have avoided bringing any new products into the flat, unless for my partner who ran out of shampoo, and actually there has been hidden progress on products that I cannot show after using (a lot of bath bombs and Yankee Candle votives being the main examples). Seeing the bath bomb stash slowly go down and resemble something a little more normal also reminds me that even if a product seems to last months and continues to take up room progress is being made and eventually that patience and determination will pay off.

Not bringing products into the flat is a lot easier than I thought it would be. Whenever I go around spotting something I am able to pause and reflect if I already have that product in the flat, if it is something that I will use and enjoy and whether the price tag on it is something that I am actually willing to spend. My willpower is actually a lot stronger on the product buying front than I thought it would be but this could be based on visiting the same shops regularly and choosing to not even step into the doors of somewhere like The Body Shop for safety.

Things I am Hoping For

As there was little visible progress this month I am hoping for another breakthrough at the end of April. There is certainly some good progress on a number of items, including a facial oil, and I am managing to use items again more consistently which of course helps.

I am still using shower gel as bubble bath so am hoping to get through another bottle or two of those and I am making sure I use bath bombs in every bath instead of treasuring them for some unknown and unlikely “special occasion”. Hopefully by continuing with this the bath bombs will all be able to fit into a square tupperware box in the bathroom cupboard rather than also being in a drawer in the bedroom. Whilst I love baths and the products that go into them I really want to cut down everything in my collection before opening the floodgates to new items coming in.

It seems increasingly possible that by the end of the year I will be able to know what type of products and what specific items I really enjoy having around or which just do not work for me; facial oils are surprisingly enjoyable whilst silicone primers are 100% not my jam.

How are you finding using products up so far this year? Have you hit a bit of a dry month when reflecting on your empties at the end of the month and if so how did you overcome it? I would love to hear more about your projects in the comments below.

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