BRGR&BEER, Croydon

In less than a month Matthew’s Yard, where BRGR&BEER is located, celebrates its sixth birthday. There will be food and beer on offer as well as a few pretty awesome deals in the run up to the event but if you have never gone and experienced the food there before, then firstly which rocks have you been hiding under, but more importantly you probably want to know if it is worth a visit.

You can get a pretty hefty variety of burgers, from beef and chicken to vegetarian and vegan, with different amounts of ingredients loaded inside of them depending on how ravenous you might be feeling. All burgers come with a side of fries and you have the option of either cajun seasoning or rosemary seasoning to go on them depending on your personal preference and what you are think works best with a certain burger; either of the seasoning options would work fantastically with the chicken burgers though I prefer adding a little bit of a kick with the cajun fries.

Food from Croydon's Brgr&beer in Matthew's Yard

Even the smaller burgers are still decent in size and combined with them coming with a side of fries the price comes in at a reasonable enough price. It is a little more expensive than something like a Wetherspoons burger but the flavour of ingredients, the love put into cooking and combining the burgers and the quantity of food you get makes it worth those extra couple of pounds.

Combining all that with the pleasant, energetic and friendly atmosphere from both staff and fellow users of the space it feels like a great casual meal out. Switch sitting at the table for a game of table tennis or perhaps bring a game of Cranium to you to break up any awkward silence, keep kids entertained or to mix up the deep chatters with a lighthearted gaming. There is even a games console hiding in the corner, though very rarely used, if you want to take it back a few years and dig yourself into a retro hole.

Vegan chocolate cake and green tea

The walls are covered in a variety of artwork as well. Some of the art is painted onto the brickwork whilst other items are hanging up on the walls as displays for the in house art groups work but also for sale should something happen to take your fancy and be the perfect fit for that bare wall in your lounge. The quality of some of the pieces are very much going to be love or hate when you see them, though not always helped by their positioning and the other pieces that they have been put next to, but they are still worth glancing at and they do help to break up and soften the white painted brickwork hiding behind them.

As well as doing burgers, fries and booze you can also order a wide selection of hot drinks from the counter and grab a slice of vegan cake. They usually have a soft infused lemon option or a delightfully rich chocolate cake on offer in decent sized slabs and very much worth the money. If you are in town and want a quick break with a cup of tea and a slice of cake then grabbing some of their chocolate cake is an absolute must.

There are certainly problems with Matthew’s Yard in terms of what may happen to it in the future and whether the concept itself will be forced to relocate but in the meantime you should go along grab a beer, tuck into a burger and then follow it up with a dessert of delectable cake.

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