Miso, Croydon

Some months ago I visited Miso and ate in the restaurant but my photos got lost in some hidden pixel world and I decided not to share my thoughts at the time. Since then though I have eaten food from Miso several times but only in the form of delivery and my thoughts have been allowed to develop to give a fully rounded view.

The restaurant itself is situated in a prime Central London location with East Croydon station, office blocks and the college all in close proximity and existed some time before Boxpark landed on the other side of the road. Whilst there is constantly a stream of people going in and out to have food in and to take away it very rarely ever seems to be completely packed out. It has a similar layout to Wagamama in the style of the benches and larger benches potentially being shared amongst dining groups but generally groups are spread out and able to have conversation and eat at a relaxed pace without issue.meat saucy noodles

The dishes available to eat in store and online are very similar in terms of variety and if you have a particular favourite dish to enjoy whilst eating in you can almost certainly get it to your office desk or home. In fact they take the same care with providing a certain level of service with food delivery than with eating in; they use newspaper or similar to ensure the tubs and containers stay stable and compact to keep them warm and ensure there is no spillage in transit.

Despite there being such a great variety and knowing that they take great care in the food getting delivered there are still certain dishes which I would avoid having delivered. As a result I tend to stay pretty safe and go with some sort of sauce based noodle dish which gives me all the warm comforting happy feels inside and sometimes a gyoza or other side dish for a real extra treat.

Salmon and cream cheese dumplings

Whatever specific dish I opt for I always find that there is a good balance of carbs and other ingredients. If you order something with meat you actually get enough that when it is all mixed together you are pretty likely to get a bite with some included. The vegetables always seem fresh and are cooked to just the right level that allows them to absorb flavour and add additional texture to the dish as well. It seems like a basic enough thing to expect but compared to some places it makes for a refreshing change to see good balance, attention to detail and respect for the ingredients.

The food is always piping hot, well flavoured, a good portion and super tasty. It comes in at a lower price than a lot of very similar chain restaurants such as Wagamama and is actually that little bit tastier and a more enjoyable eating experience all round. It isn’t anything new or breaking the barriers of noodles, rices and soups but what they do is done really well and sees a lot of happy customers and returning visitors. Would recommend for a business meeting lunch, a casual friends catch-up or a quiet meal on the sofa at home after a long week.

Wet Miso noodles

Have you ever visited Miso in Croydon? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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