The Weight Of Things by Marianne Fritz

Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that but The Weight Of Things by Marianne Fritz has such a pretty cover, a contrast to the topics within, that it is difficult to not be attracted to it. The millennial pink on this modern classic adds to the idea of conflict that the book will present you with.

Unlike a lot of new books that have come into my life recently this was actually a brand new purchase. My partner wanted to make the most of one of the many Verso sales and needed to increase the basket value to be able to get free delivery and asked if I wanted anything that was in the sale and after a little consideration I leaned towards this (mainly as it was one of the few novels in the sale).

The weight of things by Marianne Fritz

Copyright of book cover/image belongs to Verso

The plot of The Weight Of Things is something that a lot of people can relate to and how they either fear losing their identity when becoming a wife/mum or how it is feel that they have actually become. This is certainly a fear I have and things I witness in other people and this book does nothing to disperse those thoughts and impressions as the main character struggles with being a wife and surrounded by children to the point where she is driven to do something most could not even imagine.

There are of course many more things going on in the story, based just after World War Two, than children being present in her life and it is more a combination of them all that results in an ongoing, untreated and extreme mental health crisis. As well as showing how difficult it is to become a docile figure in society and abiding by the rules of motherhood it also shows how trauma was not taken seriously and how it was all too easy for several people, all with their own trauma, to ignore others and become inward facing.

It was not so much a difficult read in terms of the plot or even the concepts being presented but more because it just felt a little dry and in places hard to negotiate and follow. On the whole that style worked with the concept that was being put forward by the author but it did cause it to be a little jarring and result in the book needing to be put down for a few hours before picking it back up and trying to figure out the thread of thoughts it was sharing.

Not sure I would recommend this book itself but would certainly be interested in reading more novels with similar concepts and plots involved.

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