My Goals For 2018: Update #1

At the end of 2017 I sat down and thought about carefully about what things I would like to work towards and achieve in 2018. A lot of the things are not something that pop into my mind everyday but as we are progressing quickly into the year it seemed right to have a quick rewind and see how the goals are shaping up.

100% Achievable Targets

  1. I wanted to get back into reading more and set a simple aim of a book a season e.g. four books a year. That goal has well and truly been smashed and the reading love is well and truly back.
  2. With bringing Hello Fresh into my life I have found it a lot easier to cook regularly and do more interesting dishes to those previously in our routine. That means less recipes on the blog but a happy tummy and an instagram full of joyful content.
  3. Generally I have been able to do my nails once a week and if not then once a fortnight has been plenty achievable. My nails still definitely do not look pristine 100% of the time though.
  4. It turns out finding the mental health spoons to put clothes on hangers or neatly folded up and ironed is a lot easier said than done. I just keep finding myself having to sit down and reorder the almighty clothes jumble I am presented with every few weeks.
  5. I am still making good progress with using products up, aiming to use things more regularly, decluttering things from the flat but as expected the whole creating an inventory thing has not happened yet. The inventory might be more bearable as a concept nearer the end of the year so I am not abandoning that task just yet.

Dream Targets

  1. We talk about going on holiday once in a blue moon but talking is about as far as we get. This is seeming increasingly less likely to happen but who knows what exciting things might be on the horizon!
  2. No brand has approached me to add me to a PR list but let’s face it – I have hardly made a huge effort in terms of putting myself out there and producing stunning content required on a consistently impressive basis.
  3. Mental health means I am working less so, whilst we are perfectly comfortable financially, it means saving for anything is not really even a consideration at the minute. I currently refer to my savings account as my “plod along pick-me-up fund”.

How are your goals and dreams going so far in 2018? What hurdles have you faced and have you found any way to overcome them?

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