First Thoughts On Hello Fresh

The Sunday I had arranged for my box to get delivered I was ridiculously excited about it and was so happy when the text and email came through to let me know the hour slot that the driver was likely to arrive in. It resulted in a few quick messages between my friend and I, who lives just up the road, to see if we were on the same delivery round and then who ended up getting their box first.

Our driver was super friendly and I was able to have a little chat with him as we were signing the delivery machine and getting the pretty hefty cardboard box through the front door. The best thing about the delivery is it is done in association with DPD so there is none of that mysterious parcel delivery we have pretty much all gone through with some of those other less reputable delivery companies that brands continue to insist on using.

Up close of egg noodles, beef strips and spring onions in a bowl

Meats, fish and dairy came in an insulated bag within the box that had a couple of ice blocks inside to help ensure everything stayed super cool and fresh. This bag specifies that everything inside needs to be kept in the fridge and I went about taking everything out, checking the dates on things like the meat to figure out which order it would be best to cook the recipes in, and popping it into the freezer.

All the other ingredients came divided up into individual meal bags with coloured labels that matched a colour symbol on the recipe sheet. This allows you to either open the bags and move ingredients around or you can just pop the brown bags straight into the fridge. I opted to pop every bag straight into the bag and nothing seems to have had an issue with going into the fridge so far. The fact that they are not going to be sitting in the fridge for any longer than a week means that there is not really any issues but it also helps to keep vegetables cool and fresh without me having to stop and think about the temperature of the flat to whether it is okay to store something outside of the fridge.

Light yellow creamy curry with fish, butternut squash and herbs sticking out of the top

Everything so far has turned out to be fantastic quality in terms of ingredients, the recipes have been super easy to follow and the portions have been decent and generous enough to leave me satisfied and content at the end of the day. It will certainly be interesting though to go forward and see if the interesting variety continues or if it starts to feel pretty samey and predictable a month or so down the line.

I cannot wait to get stuck in more and see what other tasty dishes I can create in the kitchen based on the recipes given to me or using the inspiration from those original dishes in the future.

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