Starting Up Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is something that I had seen around for a long time through adverts and social media but until recently I had not encountered anybody in person that actually used them.

There are people on social media, including one of my favourite lifestyle/beauty YouTubers, that get sponsored to cook Hello Fresh on their channel every couple of weeks but whilst they are usually very honest with their reviews it is still a little hard to tell if it is really authentic (is anything authentic any more).

Other people on my social media use similar boxes by other companies and sing their praises based on price, quality, portions and delivery and that did increase my interest in wanting to try one of the boxes out but some let you choose the meals without access to the ingredients list and others seem to lack a real active community of people sharing their thoughts and experiences and that made me a little nervous.

On discussing it with one of my friends that uses Hello Fresh I decided it was time to give it a go, especially after he made us some super tasty burgers for a late lunch on a day when I was feeling super sorry for myself. Downloading the app I discovered a backlog of recipes I could access, things that I could search for specifically as well as them putting videos up for suggestions about what to do to liven up breakfast or an office lunch. The community feel that hello Fresh presents and is visible based on numbers of reviews on the app and the number of comments on social media was one of the things I was really looking for.

It is something that I am looking forward to trying out when the box arrives at my front door as the way the ingredients are divided and the recipes are presented just looks so warm and inviting. Given I am currently trying to ease the pressure of things on my mind to be able to focus on other life things and also just to avoid depression resulting in me not being able to figure out what to purchase and what to cook (because that results in unhealthy food and yet more weight gain) it will hopefully make me feel a little bit more like I have everything together.

For some people this certainly would not work because it only gives you meals for five days of the week but as we go to quite a few meetings or like to socialise with friends at points during a week it works out well for us not having too much food in the house but also because it still allows for a little creativity and space for my partner to whip something from his mind up.

My first box is expected to arrive on Sunday with the recipe and ingredients to make five dishes including a creamy fish curry, a chicken dish with a butternut squash and mozzarella jumble and also a sweet chilli beef noodle bowl and I absolutely cannot wait to get stuck into it and get back into the kitchen. Just thinking about the box arriving has me excited to do some cooking and that is a feeling I have been missing for a little while.

If you have tried Hello Fresh I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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