Food Youtubers I Love Right Now #1

My Instagram and YouTube subscriptions are a wide variety of food, lifestyle and beauty but I find myself getting sucked into the food hole a lot. My Instagram explore page is pretty much wholly food and my Youtube home page throws up videos from food channels from a number of years ago because I am so basic that their algorithm actually works for me.

But recently I have made an attempt to expand the channels I subscribe to on YouTube to get a bigger variety of food in my life. Several of these channels came from recommendations from friends and YouTube itself and it is safe to say that they can only be watched at certain times of the day otherwise I end up being very hungry!

Every month or so I am going to try and bring you five channels I am loving right now – there might be the occasional overlap of channels but generally I am hoping I can include five different channels each time. The five below are pretty well known but the further on we get the more obscure and small channels I am hoping to be able to include. Keep tuned and follow my blog for more in the future!

Emmy Made In Japan

Emmy does a wide variety of food videos but a lot of them are not things that you would actually want to follow and give a go yourself. Some of my favourite videos on her channel are trying out various military ration packs and spicy food challenges. She also tries out some pretty weird gadgets that leave me facepalming at the idea they were ever created in the first place.

Sorted Food

If you have been around reading my blog for a while you will know that I attended an event in collaboration with the Co-Op and Sorted Food at the end of 2018 and I am a huge fan of videos. The balance of funny, knowledge and approaches amongst the group really helps all of the videos to work plus they do super tasty looking food with recipes that could be followed with a little time and dedication. The variety of videos through series also really helps to keep the variety going. I love watching the ones where they head out and about around London with different budgets to get a specific type of food because hellooo restaurant inspiration.

Seonkyoung Longest

Noodles are almost certainly my biggest obsession at the minute as they are just so super comforting, tasty and versatile. This channel does a lot of Asian cooking and in a way that it is easy to follow and replicate at home which makes it ideal for inspiration and also gives me the chance to occasionally drool over a noodle dish without venturing further than the screen in front of me. I love the Life In series that she has going as well as it provides great restaurant inspiration in case I ever happen to hop on a plane and explore!


This is a huge channel run by Vice but it has a huge variety of chefs, food styles and locations in their videos which make for tasty, informative and often pretty funny content. If there is one channel I could probably watch and go through their backlog of videos of one after the other this might be it. The current question is what do I attempt to make from their videos first?

Scott Rea

I love doing food preparation, the way that it is so methodical and ordered, but I also find watching other people doing food preparation really calming as well (much like declutter videos and tidying videos). Whilst there are a lot of things I would never consider doing on Scott’s channel because I would 100% screw it up or do not have the right tools to do a decent job I love watching the process of everything butchery related he does.

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