Night in the Woods

There are certain things that I tend to lean towards to escape from reality; cooking, reading, art and games are just a few of those things.

Different amounts of effort are involved for each of them though and whether it is using your eyes to focus and read after a long day at work, having the brainpower left to think up a dish and actually prepare it to the nicest possible standards or to be able to do a piece of art that can be stopped at a ‘sensible’ place in time doing things that help you to escape and relax can be super challenging.

I mean I struggle to make a cup of tea half the time or take the washing out of the machine let alone finding extra reserves of energy from somewhere to do what I enjoy. Games are one of the few things that I can just about manage and especially when it is a game like Night in the Woods (NitW) where there are no real time pressures and it just follows a deep, meaningful and playable storyline instead.

Until recently I had not even heard of NitW but a friend suggested it to me for the way the storyline develops and how the characters all have meaning and interesting back stories. It touches upon topics that a lot of people can understand or will be heart right in the chest by; self-love, feeling lost, depression, money struggles, friendships changing and so much more.

There was a particular scene down by a lake with the main character, a cat called Mae, and one of her close friends that really resonated with me in terms of finding ourself, feeling good enough for others as well as not always being in the best place and ending up feeling we are a burden to those around us. That scene happened just as I was entering one of my darkest times in a while and the conversation brought me a little comfort of not feeling quite so alone.

It is a deep and meaningful game. The ending felt a little disjointed in terms of it not wrapping up all the loose ends that were on the go throughout but partly that is a representation of life and how some chapters close and new ones open without answers being given and comfort provided.

This is a game I would highly recommend if you need to rediscover yourself or just to come to terms with where you are in life right now as at least one story thread throughout the game will mean something to you and stick with you for hours, weeks or even longer.

Have you played this game before or something similar? I would love to hear your thoughts and any recommendations in the comments below.

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