Mini Benefit Cosmetics Haul

Recently I spotted that my trusty Bourjois Healthy Mix was actually a bit too orange on my skin and it really put me off applying foundation or any makeup at all. Was it always like that? Have I spent over a year walking around looking like I should be sitting on the shelf with the satsumas? Will it work for me when the warmer months come around and I catch a little sun? Finding the right foundation is a journey for everybody and there will always be those moments where we look back and shrug our shoulders in confusion at what we must have been thinking at the time.

After realising that I tried to cast my mind back to any other products that I had used or sampled that were not complete disasters and after a lot of thought I remembered having a sample of the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation and how it worked for me super well in terms of both coverage, application, lasting power and most importantly the shade.

So the trek to the local House of Fraser Benefit stand commenced on one of my days off from work. Going into town is something that I generally avoid if I can but when it comes to getting something like foundation or concealer they are things that are better to look at, examine and ‘feel’ in person. But then there is the issue that comes with that; being able to see other things on the shelves, having an expert trying to sell you things and that you know in the back of your mind there are other products you would like to pick up.

Beauty store booth haul

As well as picking up the Hello Flawless! in the shade “I’m Pure For Sure” I picked up a full size of the Hoola bronzer. In my mind my mini sample size of the bronzer was running super low, it has a noticeable dip and a bit of pan going on but there are also a lot of other bronzers sitting in my drawer already AND this stuff lasts so long, so that had to get added to the list of things to purchase. At that point it turned out to be three for two and it would have been rude to pass such an offer up right?

To finish off the mini shopping spree I decided to opt for a full size of the They’re Real! mascara because after using a mini size in the past I know how much it works for my already lengthy lashes to extend them further without making them overly thick and clumpy or too over the top for my usual natural looking face of makeup. The only time this mascara doesn’t work perfectly for me is if I put it on before using a makeup setting spray but over the last month or two getting into the habit of spray before mascara has been pretty easy to achieve.

What is your favourite Benefit Cosmetics product? Let me know in the comments below!

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