Anatomicals Face Masks*

Who doesn’t love a good face mask session right? In fact it’s one of the few beauty related things that my partner and I can do together which makes it that little bit better and more enjoyable too! Maybe those that mask together stay together?

Packet sachets of face masks by anatomicals

So recently we decided to give these Anatomical face masks a try. The packaging of all Anatomicals products is so bright, colourful and quirky that they really help to draw you in and whilst they are now found at Boots and Boots Online they come at a super affordable price point too.

After much umming and ahhing my partner went for the tropical hydrating mask that was a white mask with a hint of coconut in the scent; it looked and had that distinctive smell of suncream.

I went for the mattifying mask that turned out to be a pale blue mixture with the slightest hint of mint in the scent but only in the most mild of ways which meant there was only a little tingling to the face.

Anatomicals couple face mask selfie

Each mask recommends leaving it on for 10-15 minutes to start to dry before using a warm cloth to wipe it away. The mattifying one certainly seemed to dry faster on the face than the hydrating one but this is something that you would rather expect given their properties.

As well as drying faster the mattifying mask really helped to bring the nasties out of the pores and the effects rolled on to the next morning when I found my face to certainly not be oily at all!

My partner found the hydrating mask to be exactly that but it was not something that lasted a long time after removal. His face was noticeably fresh and glowing the next day but nothing too extreme and as the hours went by it returned to looking as it always does.

The masks being made by a cruelty free brand is also a winner in my books, though I could not find anything on their website about products being vegan or otherwise; clarity on this in the future would be fantastic.

A good piece of fun and I will certainly be looking into more products from the brand in the future. Do you have an Anatomicals favourite?

*Gifted as PR. All opinions given are our own.

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