Products I Want To Use Up In 2018 #2

I went so classy with where to store my empties. After building up a few here and a few there I grabbed the first thing that I could see that would contain items and maintain kind of upright on the large chest of drawers; a Primark bag. It should at least last well until I become careless one day and put in a soggy container when, before you know it, there will just form a destroyed uncontrollable mess of what was once a paper bag.

At first glances it looks like I have absolutely smashed getting through things but several of these items were already in use before the start of 2018 or they were relatively small in size compared to the area of application. In fact some of the things included in my empties are not even part of the categories I mentioned wanting to succeed in on my first post of this project but given they are all beauty related I still wanted to share my thoughts on the items in question. Progress on a lot of these categories will slow down for the next month or two, I am cynically sure of it, but will then hopefully boost back up during the middle of spring.

Things I Have Finished

As I got my empties out of the fancy bag of the month I decided to quickly add up how much the products would come to in financial value and whilst part of me wishes I had not discovered it being a bag with a rough value of £50 it also made me feel good to know that my money (or the money of others if these items came to me as a gift) has not gone to waste.

Beauty product empties

  • Two Radox bubble soak bottles. These lather up well and have a gentle mild scent. They are super cheap too.
  • Five Barry M nail paints. Some of these bottles are at least five years old. Some of the products have dried up, gone gloopy and others there just isn’t actually enough left in the bottle to use. I didn’t even open the yellow one to try it out as I know from previous use it does not suit me. The ones that are okay but not for me, I will see if a friend or one of their children want them.
  • Rimmel conceal stick. I had this for way too long but managed to use it all up recently by applying it under foundation.
  • Mini of Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real mascara. This is a really enjoyable mascara for me that brings length, lift and definition to my lashes.
  • Three Body Shop hair products. These bottles are an example of me being terrible at trying something out and then moving on. The separate shampoo and conditioner for oily hair only had a couple of uses left but I had left them on the side throughout the entire time of using the ginger shampoo. I was able to finish them all off in January and now just have one shampoo and one conditioner on the go!
  • Bubbly shower gel by Lush. This is a really thick product and lathers super well so I only needed a small amount of it at the time but it does make squeezing the bottle without cracking it quite a challenge. It is probably up there as one of my favourite Lush scents as well.
  • Superdrug cucumber peel off face mask. This tube is something that I have had opened for about a year and the texture was starting to change on the last couple of applications. It helped to soothe the skin but even at the beginning it never really helped to clear the deep grime out of my face. I have another one of these tubes to work through…
  • Four body lotions/body butters. The Body Shop strawberry butter was already over half used up and I find that the strawberry products from them are always that little softer in texture so ended up using it a lot more than I do for other body butters. The other products, including two minis, were body lotions which soak into the skin super quickly and as a result I ended up using more of them on each application; I tend to use products on my feet, legs and my arms (I am 5ft8 so there is a lot of me) so the mini ones were good for a couple of uses and I did consider holding off for using them during travelling but with no plans to travel any time soon that seemed a bit of a waste. I loved the scents of every single one of these products.

Things I Have Realised

Some things have been going better than others, even where there might not be any physical empties here. A candle has been lit most days and, apart from when I need to be on the bus at 06:50 on a Sunday morning, the application of mascara most days has got underway. Applying lip balm or hand cream frequently is much more of a challenge than I expected and in fact the one in my bits and bobs bag inside my handbag has just been lugged around town and to work and back every single day of the month.

This has really got me into the habit of using a few more things up though and considering them in my daily life. It has reminded me that there are some things where a little can really go a long way (I am looking at you body scrub!) and there there really is no need to have back up items of them. But it has also highlighted to me just how much junk I leave hanging around; used cotton pads from nail varnish remover or matches that have been used that sort of thing and how I really need to get a mini bin for the bedroom to put it straight into the trash.

As well as specifically aiming to finish items off I have been taking the time to consider products I am using a little bit more, especially nail varnish, and whether the formula is okay and how I feel about the colour against my skin tone. There have been several that are too old to work with or they just do not suit me and these have landed in the goodbye pile as well; at some point in time I loved them or the colour was all the rage but now they don’t have a place in my collection and given their age and price at the time it isn’t something I feel too bad about.

Things I Am Hoping For

Making process on items is really tough and breaking bad habits to start consistently using various items is even tougher but I am hoping to carry on moving in the right direction. Progress over the next month or so might be a little slower than I would like but progress, however big or small, is better than staying still.

I am very nearly out of bubble bath and I am hoping to be able to resist purchasing any more for at least the next month whilst trying to work my way through some of my older, cheaper and/or poorly scented shower gels. This will be a challenge, especially if the shower gels help to produce some bubbles but not a lot, but in the end it will help me to move less satisfying products out of my collection to actually make room for the bubble bath to have a home!

As mentioned earlier, I have a terrible habit of leaving things hanging around (including trash) and returning everything to its home or the bin straight away is certainly something that I need to work on. Leaving things all over the place results in me opening multiple items that are essentially the same product or not remembering where I left something and neglecting it for weeks if not months on end. Nail varnishes would be the biggest example of this where I end up doing my nails in bed on an evening and leaving the bottle on my bedside table and before I know it there are ten bottles getting in the way of me putting down a glass of water.

When it comes to me purchasing things that I have run out of or need, such as deodorant, I am going to make an aim to switch to cruelty free and vegan products. Whilst I am unable to go vegan with my diet due to allergies, medication and general health issues I am able to make more conscious and thought through purchases; I acknowledge that this will not always go to plan and some brands are defined in different ways by different people that can result in confusion but trying is a good place to start right now.

What are you aiming for in February (product wise or something completely different!)?

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