Naked Noodle Pots

When it comes to lunch, I am terribly lazy and claim to be too busy to stop and eat something. To some extent the statement is true and especially as everybody else flocks out of their offices around the same time to queue at the microwave and get all the condiments in sight and reheating leftovers takes longer than it does to actually eat them.

There being so many people in the kitchen makes me incredibly anxious as well because my brain insists everybody is looking at me, the chubby makeup lacking figure, and judging my choice of food.

So I wanted to find something quick that meant I could dash into the kitchen and back to the office again to avoid the hoards of people and also to get back to my work on genuinely busy days. When doing the food shopping online with ASDA I discovered that the Naked Noodle pots were on offer at 75p each and they sounded like just the thing for me; allowing me to dash down, use the instant boiling water tap, grab some cutlery and return up the two flights of stairs to my desk.Multiple pots of naked noodles

Not only did they appeal because of the practical aspect of them but also because they come in at being pretty healthy, low in calories at least, and having ingredients lists that sound like they should be packed with flavour. They certainly sounded more appealing than eating a sandwich made several hours before, stuffed into a bag and never making its way to the office fridge…

The ones marked with three chili symbols to represent hot are certainly that and if you have a bit of a runny nose on the day you go to eat it you might need an extra couple of tissues at hand. They are packed with the ingredients indicated and that really comes through when it is all mixed together. I have a low tolerance to spicy food, essentially because my taste buds are wimps, so I find these a little too much whilst the medium two chili symbol is the perfect level.Naked Noodle packaging

Whilst the level of heat does vary, a lot of the base ingredients of soy sauce, chili, garlic and coriander are the same which means there is a similar undercurrent in all of them. With the odd other ingredient like lemongrass and the fact that the stock base varies with things like chicken and beef stock to help give each one some distinction; the most obviously different one in terms of flavour and appearance is certainly the Thai green curry green lidded pot.

The Thai green curry one was, without doubt, the one that I was most nervous to try but the flavours were the most impressive and well lasting to make it a really enjoyable warming to the stomach and soul lunchtime meal on a dreary Wednesday afternoon. Despite not being mind blowing in terms of flavour the Chinese chow mein one is a great pick-me-up pot that feels like a cheeky little takeaway treat but the freshness and healthiness shines through to give the brain a little calming cuddle.Quick cooking guide


The noodles go soft in the boiling water but still keep enough structural integrity that they are not soft or mushy by the time you delve to the bottom of the pot. This is a welcome relief as some egg noodles can tend to go to mush if left in boiling water for too long. This shows that they have taken the time to perfect the texture and experience of eating the meal as well as the flavour; so many companies focus on one thing, such as practicalities, and let other things fall by the wayside instead.

What is your favourite quick, easy but tasty meal to have when you are working a busy day in the office? Also, if you have given these a go please let me know which flavour you love the most in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Naked Noodle Pots

  1. Those look so good! I love noodles in pots for lunch, it’s so warming and lovely. I used to take one and a thermos with me for lunch when I went hiking – so much better than squished sandwiches haha xx


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