Bomb Cosmetic’s You Can’t Catch Me

Christmas might have come and gone but some of the delights, including a stack of bath blasters from Bomb Cosmetics, are still lingering around the flat. Several of the blasters are really strongly winter scented but a few of the others can be used going into the spring so there has been some tactical consideration of which to use and when.

This ginger scented “You Can’t Catch Me” strongly makes me think of winter and the festive season, perfect for soaking in whilst supping at a apple and cinnamon tea, and it was the first one that I wanted to use. It is super cute to look at though and I did feel a little guilty at the idea of causing the little gingerbread guy to melt away in the hot water… I really need to stop giving every item in my life a personality.

Looking at it you can see the glitter running through and the top part of the bath blaster has a bit of a jelly like texture as it starts to melt whilst the bottom is a more traditional texture of a bath bomb or fizzer. The combination of the texture allows for colour to be dispatched through the bath water as well as some scent to be released whilst the more jelly like part contains extra scent and softness.

Bath blaster by Bomb Cosmetics
Bath blaster by Bomb Cosmetics
Bath blaster by Bomb Cosmetics
Bath blaster by Bomb Cosmetics

Bath blaster by Bomb Cosmetics in action

The water, and bubbles on the surface, got a gentle hint of red and orange that looked like colours of little jelly sweets you would found stuck on a gingerbread house. Luckily, the mild colours came through in the water rather than ending up soaking in some horror of red bath water!

Whenever I try something a little new or different I get a little nervous about if there will be a scent throw once it hits the water let alone if it will manage to actually hang around during the entire bath but the ginger and general spices packed within this bath blaster really managed to hang around. They really gave me a lifted and lively feeling whilst also helps me to relax and reorganise everything going through my head as I soaked into the delightfully hot water.

I have found though that these need a little help staying afloat as they are quite top heavy because of the different textures and if you don’t hold them up to show off their magic they just immediately plummet to the bottom of the bath and the magical show gets lost as the gingerbread man drowns quickly. Even for somebody that doesn’t take photos of every single thing that happens in their life I can imagine this still being a little disappointing as watching it bob along the surface would be so satisfying. If you have any tips on how to get them to float please let me know!

Coloured water from bath blaster

Floating little gingerbread man bath blaster
Gingerbread man on the run across the water

Melting gingerbread from Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb

Eventually though it was time to say goodbye to the little fella that had enjoyed hanging out for so long. I tried to do a fun little story on Instagram about his bath adventure but it fell sort of flat because fun little stories in captions aren’t really appreciated over there these days (though that is a different story).

Despite it being difficult to keep afloat the scent and gentle effect on the water was really enjoyable and it was a great introduction to Bomb Cosmetics. I found it to be as satisfying, if not more so because of the scent kick back, as other bath products that I have used that often come at a much higher price point.

If you have any bath blaster staying afloat tips or have a favourite product please do mention them in the comments below!

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