My Favourite Posts Of 2017

Slowly but surely I managed to get my blogging mojo back during 2017 and towards the end of the year I have managed to remain consistent with posting twice a week at the same time. Though sometimes I completed the post with only a minute to spare, it has been stressful at times but incredibly worthwhile.

My blog has changed a lot during 2017 and I think that comes with me being in a different place mentally, financially and with my work as well. Most of that change has 100% being for the better and there are a few posts that I was super pleased with either at the time or have grown to love in reflection and decided putting my favourite posts in one spot would be pretty cool for new readers to zoom around or for older readers to reflect on what matters to me.

The posts are not all the most perfectly written or eloquent pieces you will encounter on the web, the photos for some of them are truly awful too, but many of them spark joy in my because of the bigger picture of what they represent in my life or the things happening around me.

Co-operative seasonal shelf-bought macaroons

  • Both the S/S wine tasting and A/W wine tasting posts with the Co-op. These were both huge achievements for me as it meant I attended a bloggers event and I have had people telling me that my post has lead them to new favourite bottles of wine. My blog had some small influence on people’s lives and got noticed by a company. That makes me happy.
  • I did several risotto recipes on my blog over the course of 2017. Recipe is a bit of a stretch and I do want to start bringing actual properly laid out recipes to my blog again in 2018 but I did two completely different takes, a pea and mint one as well as a tomato chicken and sweetcorn one, which went down well in terms of stats but also comments from the ‘outside world’.
  • More opinion and reflective pieces started to land here again, after spending quite a while shying away from creating that sort of content. From talking about zero hours contracts and reminding people of the rights they have to encouraging people to stop being quite so busy I have attempted to discuss issues that I personally understand and tackle to issues present in our society. These got shared around a little bit on the web and I hope that it helped to save at least one person from being in an awful situation or knowing what to do to avoid such a scenario happening to them.
  • The food posts slowly became a little bit less predictable over 2017, at least compared to 2016, and I pulled together a few blog posts that spark joy in me. A bacon hash with a baked egg is something that I just decided to do in the spur of the moment but I actually created a short recipe for it with steps whilst the gammon one encouraged people to step away from using a particular ingredient only at one time of the year and showed me my love for putting food in a bowl.
  • With my job and income stabilising we were able to start exploring London and the food scene a little bit more. From the start of the year when I went on two cooking courses provided as Christmas gifts in 2016 or walking to a nearby cafe for lunch to using some of my annual holiday leave as a chance to hop on a bus somewhere to try out a hidden dining spot this year has seen me go on a bit of an exploring foodie journey and has provided a wonderful little taster as to where I would like 2018 to take me.

There are some posts, pictures and content that I will certainly be leaving behind in 2017 happily but these are a few posts that have given me a little bit of joy for some reason and I hope to be able to combine all of those good bits with improved photography, greater ideas and some carefully constructed style to make all the posts in 2018 absolutely fantastic.

If you have a blog I would love it if you left me a comment with your favourite post of 2017 so I can give it a read!

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