Look Fantastic Advent Calendar Days 21-25

I hope you have had a lovely couple of Christmas days, the family arguments were kept to the minimum and that you have found some trousers that will let you tuck into a mound of leftovers today.

Waking up this morning without having a day to open in my advent calendar was a bit of a strange feeling but it also means that on my next day off I can sit down and put some beauty products into the now empty drawers. I am thinking of seeing if I can get all my lipsticks in there and I am fairly confident that they, along with lip glosses etc, should be able to fit inside it is just a case of figuring out how I want to arrange them all…

I did spot a few advent calendars in the sales that were really calling out to me but given the fact that I feel pretty overwhelmed with products at the minute I managed to refrain and hold off knowing that there is literally nothing that I need any more of and as mentioned yesterday I need to be more grateful for everything that I do have in my life already.

Day Twenty One

Day 21 of Christmas advent calendar

Magnitone wipe out cloth

The Magnitone Wipeout! cloth is the exact sort of thing I have considered purchasing in the past but was unsure if they would actually do the trick and then sort of forgot about them. I am an incredibly lazy person when it comes to looking after myself, which is one of the reasons I gather so many products, but also I generally will wash my face or use a face wipe to remove my makeup before going in with my actual proper facial moisturiser (I hate the idea of circular rotating my makeup around my face so would rather remove it before cleansing away any excess and grime).

It feels really comforting to the touch and is super easy to rinse in water as well as rinsing it out. It will be interesting for me to see if I feel this is any softer or better for my skin than just using a standard face cloth though because part of me feels that it is just a gimmick… nobody just removes their makeup with a cloth and heads off to bed right, it is 2017 and we all use a cleanser or follow it up with a toner or something right?

Day Twenty Two

Navy box with 22 on it for Christmas advent calendar

High Definition eyeshadow exterior box

Little eyeshadow palette

This is a really sleek but also hefty feel for an eyeshadow palette and is a limited edition collab between High Definition and Look Fantastic but looks very similar to the Foxy palette. It provides five really good looking natural brown shades with there also being a little bit of shimmer running through them and there is a warm shift in the shades themselves to make it really good for livening up the eyes but keeping them simple around the Christmas period.

It also comes with a brush that does not blow me away and strikes me as just an average makeup brush from an eyeshadow palette rather than actually being good. It is the sort of thing that I will keep in the palette though because if I decide to take this palette with me for a night or a weekend away where I want to pop some makeup on but nothing fancy then the brush will come in handy for providing a quick wash of colour without taking up extra room in my luggage.

Day Twenty Three

Look Fantastic day 23 box

Mascara from the advent calendar

A mascara like this Doucce one is a really good one to receive in a beauty advent calendar and I generally prefer using smaller tubes of mascara because they tend to avoid dousing the brush in too much product. I have a lot of mascara unopened in my drawers, as they tend to be the things that I receive a lot of in terms of PR, so this might not get opened for a little while.

Taking a look at the product itself online the brush looks great and like the sort of style that I would normally gravitate towards but until I open the tube and feel it for myself I am always a little nervous as to if the brush will be too stiff or harsh for my lashes. It claims that “the creamy and buildable formula is clump-resistant, flake proof, smudge proof, and resistant to sweat and humidity” so time will tell…

Day Twenty Four

24th day of the advent calendar

Vegan beauty product in a recycled box

Pink water product in a glass bottle with a dropper

This wonderful pink liquid in a cute little glass bottle with dropper is an incredibly lightly scented rose facial oil by Dr Botanicals which means it is also a natural and vegan delight too. Not only does it smell delightful it also feels great too, though I have only sampled it on my hand so far, and seems to soak into the skin really well.

It is a product that makes me a little nervous but mainly because I am an extremely clumsy person and it concerns me that I will ever squirt it everywhere or end up smashing the glass when attempting to put the dropper away so this will need to be very carefully placed when it moves out from my drawer and into use as part of my facial routine.

Adding an oil in like this does seem to be a bit like adding an extra step to my routine but I guess it is supposed to be used instead of a facial moisturiser, making it amusing because it means you have to use this or one of the other products in the advent calendar rather than both, and that it would be the sort of thing suitable for using on a night in spring or summer (though I will need to check if there is a risk of it making my pillow go yucky before I commit to that).

Day Twenty Five

Last offering from the 2017 Christmas Look Fantastic advent calendar

Trio of products by Pixi by Petra

I have held off from actually opening this box further and taking a look at each individual product. Partly because I was in a rush at 6am yesterday morning when I was rushing around trying to get ready to walk into the office for 7am but also because I know roughly what to expect from this trio of products.

They are all products to brighten and cause your face to glow, such as the highlighter, and whilst I am really excited to try out some Pixi Beauty makeup when I started to open it I was a little excited and hoping for the cult glow tonic product but these are still three really good products to be able to play about with and add to my collection. It will get taken out of the packaging soon though because nobody has room for a massive box just to be sitting around.

Final Thoughts

Look Fantastic certainly sorted themselves out for the last few days of the advent calendar and I am a little torn because the last days were all fantastic but it would have been a little nicer if they were distributed amongst the calendar a little more to save from it getting really boring and samey in the middle section.

The value of the products, even the ones that are sample sizes, throughout the entire calendar, is certainly pretty incredible and makes the box a fantastic value. That combined with the fact that I can re-use the calendar for storage now makes it a really good value overall and the magic of opening it was fantastic too.

Given my current mindset with products and space it is hard for me to reflect and say whether I would consider getting another one next year from either Look Fantastic or any other brand but there is no regret over getting this one, or the Yankee Candle one I got before Christmas in the sale, and that is what matters right now. Right?

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