Dum Dum, Boxpark Croydon

A little while ago I was sitting in Croydon’s Boxpark, a venue that has been sitting next to East Croydon station for just over a year now, and decided that enough was enough. For so long I have been holding off from trying out anything from Dum Dum because do I really need donuts and can they actually be that good but in a slightly tired and delirious state that was it I decided to put myself out of the misery and find out once and for all.

Two big and two little donuts by Dum Dum

Four donuts for a rather eye-watering £10 later and we were ready to head off and head home for some terrible rushed phone photographs before tucking into them. We made these last two days, one each on the day of purchase and one the following day, because we are not morons and if we are going to spend £10 on dessert we are going to make that stuff last.

The cronut was pretty huge and actually the smaller ‘mini’ donut was close to the size of a normal donut from a multipack in Sainsburys so that did help to make it a lot less painful than it could have been. You can also see that a lot of thought and attention has gone into the design of the products in terms of appearance, especially some of the others like the galaxy glazed ones they offer, and that the staff seem to really care about the product they are selling (I would like to hope for the price of the donuts those guys are getting paid London Living Wage as a minimum…).

Up close of a Dum Dum donutterie mini

The mini donuts were in the peanut and jelly flavour and if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I have pretty strong feels on all things peanut. Therefore I naturally gravitated towards this donut when I spotted it that cold evening at the start of December and I was not disappointed.

That peanut flavour was really present, helped by the crumbling on the top of the donut itself, and the jam or ‘jelly’ was noticeable inside but not overpowering in terms of sweetness against the peanut. They managed to counteract each other really well and made for a harmonious flavour pairing and especially combined with the soft and squishy texture of the donut.

Nutella cronuts with sugar, chocolate and hazelnut topping

Then there was the Nutella cronut and ow my word these are 100% worth it and I wish I had never tried them because now I have to resist the urge of sneaking into Boxpark whenever I walk past to get another one of them. They were so creamy and soft and delicious tasting in every single way without being really intensely rich and overpowering, which they could easily have been, and somehow they just work. I mean are they £3.50 worth of goodness? I don’t know but if you want to have a treat dessert and compare it to the price of a dessert in a restaurant then it suddenly looks like a bargain!

I would not just get one of these for a daily average snack or dessert but for a real treat or a special occasion then getting a couple of these in seems to be a totally legitimate concept to me but perhaps that is just because I really want to try and justify £10 on four donuts from a metal container by a train station in zone five…

What are your dream flavours for a donut and what is the best donut/doughnut you have ever eaten? Let me know in the comments below!

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