Look Fantastic Advent Calendar Days 16-20

Today is the 21st of December which is incredibly surprising in itself because wow 2017 has been wild and it is nearly over but more importantly it is the shortest day of the year which means longer days are on the way back in and before we know it Spring and blossom on trees will hit us.

Opening my advent calendar has been a great way to start each day during my time off but I am looking forward to it more from tomorrow (22nd of December) when I return to work for the entire festive period and even though I was a little disillusioned at the end of the last round up by the advent calendar and the things I had encountered so far I did not let them dim my attitude towards it.

Day Sixteen

Day sixteen of the advent calendar

Day sixteen box reveals a makeup product

Okay come on now Look Fantastic the size of the box to the size of the product is absolutely ridiculous. Surely they could have managed a smaller box like the one that should have been in my advent for day two rather than just letting a product roll around so wildly in such a large box…

Anyway the product turned out to be an instant brow pencil and adds to the never ending stash of brow based products that I have in my beauty stash. I am always really amazed when people have strong opinions on brow pencils because apart from trying to find the right shade most brow products seem to work pretty well on my face (though this might be because I have pretty thick and wild brows so only have to do minimal work on them to make them look full).

I mean at least I am very unlikely to need to buy a brow product between now and the end of 2020 with how many pencils, powders and gels I have in my stash ready to go. Mreh, practical at least.

Day Seventeen

Look Fantastic 2017 Christmas calendar

Advent calendar by Look Fantastic 2017 day seventeen glass bottle on display

This was one hefty box to take out of the advent calendar drawer as with it being a glass container it certainly has a fair bit of weight. With the weight and the frosted pink sort of design on the main bit of the bottle this product feels fairly luxurious and like a special treat.

I did have to google this product, the Omorovicza Limited Edition Hungarian Mist (similar to this one), though as the bottle itself is pretty lacking on the information front as to what the contents is for and when is a suitable time to use it. Hey, I am not spraying anything on my body without checking its purpose first!

It is a scented facial mist to help refresh the skin but needs to be used on a clean face in the morning or evening rather than as a refresher spray that can be used alongside makeup. This is certainly the sort of thing that I am likely to use more in summer when my face is warm and yucky and needs a bit of a calming refresh and the scent (orange and rose) sort of strikes as a nice summer scent too.

Day Eighteen

Blue, white, silver and black box for day eighteen of the Christmas calendar

Hilariously named product in the advent calendar

After getting past the name of the product itself and how ridiculous the box is compared to the product I was actually able to look at the product itself. I am not sure if I have sighed as much in relief as I did at the moment of realising that this original nipple balm is actually aimed more at dry skin and lips than you know shining up your nipples…

This is actually a really good size of product if it is going to be used as a lip balm and popped into a bag, though imagine some old guy spotting it in your handbag and all the cringe thoughts that would go through their head, alongside a hand cream to always have hydrated skin and be ready to go. Though I do already have maybe 20 lip balms sitting in my drawer that I am desperately working through so in the mean time this can go in that drawer and make some life long friends (I do love a lip balm).

Day Nineteen

Look Fantastic's nineteenth box for the 2017 advent calendar

Look Fantastic advent gifts a Crabtree & Evelyn tube product

It is like they knew what I was thinking after receiving the product in day eighteen! I absolutely love Crabtree&Evelyn products and the hand creams especially as they just sink into the skin super well, really nourish and also smell delightful too.

This La Source hand therapy tube is the perfect size for popping it into my everyday handbag without it taking up too much room. I find that I am the sort of person where if something like hand cream or lip balm is in sight or close to reach I am much more likely to use it than if it is inside a makeup bag in a bag or in a drawer on the other side of the room.

Several people I seen were pleased to have a Crabtree product in their advent calendar but were also a little disappointed because of the amount of hand creams they already have in their life but that is something that is not an issue for me. For most things I already have everything in more than I could ever possibly need in my life but actually before receiving this I just had one product that is specifically classed as a hand cream so this was pretty much a winter godsend to my dry hands.

Day Twenty

20th box of the Look Fantastic 2017 advent calendar

The 20th advent calendar product from Look Fantastic: Elemis product

I am 23 and most people would not imagine me to be excited about an anti-ageing cream because you know complacency and “I will deal with that from the age of 25” or something but woah this is the sort of product I am very excited about.

Hear me out. I have a genetic condition where essentially the gene that deals with stretchy does not really work and things stretch in my body but never go back quite right. That is why my aorta continues to grow because my heart insists on beating and stretching it… how inconsiderate! But on a more cosmetic angle that also means that my skin stretches and will start to sag over the years and that means WRINKLES. I go from resting bitch face to huge grin on a pretty regular basis so my face goes through a lot and whenever I look in the mirror I swear there is a new mini wrinkle on the way in which is not at all cute.

I do have a lot of creams to work through before I get to this one but this is a pretty big motivator to keep using all those others so that I make it to this one and can protect my face from the enhanced process of ageing!

Thoughts So Far

To start, if you are interested in the Day Two debacle then let me tell you we are still waiting and the customer service continues to be about as useful as a chocolate fireguard in front of a furnace. It bewilders me how they can keep something in the enquiry stage for so long rather than ensuring that a request is actually looked into and resolved and the customer service side of me just wants to waltz into their office and sort it out.

But other than that I am starting to feel a little bit more positive about this advent calendar again. Last mini round up I was feeling pretty bored and disheartened because the products were really just boring me a lot and whilst this time there are several products that leave me feeling a bit mreh I can see a switch in the style and size of the items and am hopeful that in the run up to Christmas this theme of improvement will continue.

What are your thoughts on your advent calendar this year? Have you got any thoughts on the products I received this time around? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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